Thrift Inspiration, A-Line Vogue Style

Well, A Line is officially 'The' new cut for the forthcoming season, according to Septembers UK edition of Vogue magazine.

Mind you, Stella McCartney made it totally wearable and in trend for this Summer season, pairing her mum style denim skirt with a tan belt and a white shirt-tucked in of course!!

I found this vintage high waisted Wranglers A line denim skirt this week:

Will you be going A Line this coming season?


Thrift Inspiration, Shearling Style

Well its that time of year where style and fashion is focused on the Autumn and Winter season and one of the big and very popular looks is the aviator shearling, readily available from high end designer to high street. Here are my favourites of those about this season:

Julien McDonald

Tommy Hilfiger


Well how pleased I was to have kept hold of my bargain from around 3 years ago. This vintage shearling jacket is incredibly warm and follows this seasons trend and was a bargainous £7 from the Salvation Army charity shop. The last few winters it's been worn more as a warmth than style item, but I think this winter it will come into its own with all the others that will be sported by many!!

Will you be doing the shearling Aviator look this winter?


Thrift Inspiration, George Lamb Style.........

Well I'm not generally inspired by a lot of celebrities for their style, but I must make an exception for the totally gorgeous George Lamb-not only is he totally handsome, I adore his unique and eclectic style of mixing smart with casual.

So with him in mind, this inspired yesterdays outfit-my black Italian wool blazer from the boot sale for £1, gifted D-Squared jeans, blue uniqlo heat tech tee and black Clarks sandals.

What celebrity inspires your current outfits?


Shout Out to Cision-Thank You!!

Well, it was a very nice surprise to receive an Email from Cision last week, informing me that I was in their Top Ten list for UK Vintage Clothing Blogs

To say I was amazed was an understatement, but very pleased and flattered to be picked-so Thank You to Cision

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend, whatever you get upto-I think us in Britain are destined for another gloomy wet weekend-is it because its Bank Holiday I wonder??


Tagged-Its all about me!!

I have been tagged by the gorgeous Ruth over at Life the universe and all that's in it so I thought I would get straight on to it!!

I'm not tagging anyone, but please feel free to join in!!

1. At what time of your life were you happiest and why?

Despite some personal upheavals at the moment, I would say I'm really beginning to find myself again-what I like, what I don't like, being more adventurous and now I've hit the 40s, my self confidence is certainly growing-so now is a good time to be!!

2. Where and when did you meet the love of your life?

LOL, well my soon to be ex husband and I met in the neighbouring town's nightclub-it was a fabulous night of drinking champagne, dancing and smooching!!

3. Favourite item of clothing ever or most treasured possession ?

My black Chanel flap bag and my Ossie Clark dress and my Chanel Jacket!!

4. Must have makeup or beauty item?

Boots cucumber eye gel

5. What do you think is your worst vice or fault .. honestly?

My recent taken up habit of smoking-its not much, but little enough that I should stop altogether!!

6. Would you tell your friend, if you knew her husband/wife was cheating on her/him?

Tough one, I think I would like to make them aware of situations that their partners could potentially be in and hope they could do more detective work themselves to find out the truth. Being the actual bearer of news like that doesn't always necessarily make you the 'good guy'.

7. What ambitions, wishes or desires, for your life, do you still hold close to your heart?

To get my sons through their education successfully-CHRISTOPHER HAD 5 GCSE PASSES TODAY!! So he can start his BTEC Extended Diploma in Photography at College in September without doing any re-sits!! So I'm having an extremely happy day!! I would also like to have more new experiences in my life and try to travel more.

8. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

Healthy, Happy and In Love!!


Where we went.........

As its the summer hols for me and the boys, we went to Clacton on the East coast for a few days and despite the gloomy weather, we had a really great time:

Robert had great fun on all the rides and arcade games on the Pier
What a handsome young man, lol!!

We all had fun having a paddle in the sea and Chris wouldn't be without his skateboard-except here, lol!!

Of course, I can't go anywhere without checking out the local charity shops for a bargain-I found this cream Topshop tux in excellent condition for only £3!!

I also bagged a 70s vintage floral dress, a floral chiffon blouse by Jeff Banks Studio, an aqua denim mini skirt by Gap, Dorothy Perkins black ski pants and a vintage cream sleeveless jumper by Chelsea Girl-everything came to £15, not bad huh!!

So everyone was happy-glad to be back though, nothing like sleeping in your own bed!!


Black Lace for next season

Like Leopardprint, Lace is another trend that is forever in favour and is back in trend for next season, as showcased in Septembers UK Elle:

Sorry for the crap picture, but I had to show you this find from last month-a strappy lace shift vintage dress-maybe from the 80s, possibly 90s. It was only £2.95 from my local Cancer Research charity shop and I can wear it with a black cardi or black leather biker jacket.

Will you be investing in any lace for next season?


Thrift Inspiration, Leopardprint Style

This post follows many others to show how leopardprint continues to thrive in this and the next season to come, with D&G offering one of my favourite designer choices at Matches Fashion:

The new UK Elle also showcases this forever stylish trend, popular in a multitude of colourways.

So, on my latest thrifting trip, I was pleased to find this chiffon leopardprint blouse by Star, Julien McDonalds diffusion line at Debenhams. It was only £3.50 at the Sense charity shop and I knew I just had to have it:

Is leopardprint appealing to your wild side this coming season?


Back to basics-Chic, Minimal, Ladylike-The New It Bags

In Elle UK's own words, 'The IT bag is back- but more refined, without the hardware and the hype.'

Well, depending on your budget, take inspiration from these gorgeous offerings that are about for the new season from Net-A-Porter and if money were no object and I wasn't fortunate enough to have my own version of this classic style, I would go for the YSL:

Chloe Pouch, £290

Lanvin Happy Large, £1355

YSL Chyc, £1240

This seasons most coveted, the Celine Classic Box Bag

My own Chanel Classic-Vintage Chic at its minimal best and just waiting to be used for the new season!!

Will you be doing Ladylike Chic with a classic flap bag this coming season?


Rock Style for under £5

Last month I found this Christian Audigier tee for only £1.60 in the British Heart Foundation. So I paired with this black denim mini, also from the same charity shop for only £2.99.

The sandals were gifted, so all in all an outfit for less than a fiver!!

What has been your best bargain this summer?


Opulence for Autumn and Winter

One of the upcoming trends for next season is Opulence, as highlighted in Augusts edition of Harpers Bazaar. I do enjoy their catwalk features of whats new and it inspired one of my recent thrift purchases:

I found this cute little bolero jacket by Mark One (now defunct) in the Salvation Army charity shop and it was marked down to £1!! So I just had to buy it.

Its versatile for wearing in the summer, with a black cami top and jeans and in winter I'll wear a long sleeve black wool polo neck jumper and black cigarette pants with it:

Will you be going opulent next season?


Thrift Inspiration, Topshop Style

During my blog absence, I still having been picking up pieces for my wardrobe. As always, denim and particularly biker styles have been on my radar and this Topshop Biker Leather Jacket, new in for the coming season, is very inspirational for the current trend:
Leather Biker Jacket, £150

So, I was pleased to pick up this MOTO Topshop denim biker jacket last month for a bargainous £4.99 in my local Sue Ryder charity shop:

The back detail is quite unique and unusual and this will be a keeper in my wardrobe for a while to come. Denim and particularly Biker styles trends, look to continue into the next season.

What trends are on your radar for the upcoming season?


Hello Everyone-I think I may be back!!!

Well, after a very long hiatus and after deleting and reinstating my blog-I think I'm back!!

A lot has been happening in my personal life and I really gave blogging a back seat, just wasn't really in the right frame of mind to give any time to fashion and style personally, although I was visiting your blogs to see what you were all up to!!

I'm not sure how regular I will be with posting, but I'm really going to try my best to visit you and leave my tuppence worth, lol!!

I hope you are all enjoying the blog sales that are going on today- a lot of buying and selling going on with some very nice pieces still available-am tempted myself, but funds say other wise!!

Wishing you all a great week ahead and will hope to visit you soon too!!


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