My Future Collectables and a Ciao for Now Too

Over at Browns Fashion they are celebrating their 40th Birthday by bringing out a 'Future Collectables' Range, which is a collection where designers from Balenciaga to Burberry have produced limited edition pieces based on one of their iconic designs.

I have always liked designer clothes but unfortunately, unless they are vintage from charity shops or boot sales, they are well out of my price range.

So when I want modern pieces my compromise is Designer Collaborations and when iconic pieces are produced, I try to collect them as my 'Future Collectables'

Here is a selection of what I've picked up so far:

Celia Birtwell for Topshop dress

Zandra Rhodes for Topshop kaftan

Kate Moss for Topshop Liberty jacket

Christopher Kane for Topshop dress
My latest purchase, which happened to be FREE-but that's a story for another time, LOL!!

What pieces do your own or plan to buy with an eye for keeping as a 'Future Collectable'?

I would also like to say a big Thanks to all my regular readers, whether you comment or not-unfortunately I may not be around for a little while so am saying Ciao for now, but I will try and pop by your blogs when I do have the chance-take care and see you all soon!!


Bird Prints for summer

Bird prints are bang on trend this season, check out the Telegraphs Cu-Cool bird prints for designer and high street offerings available now:

Here are my favourite picks of this trend:

Marc Jacobs at Matches Fashion £858

Last year I picked up this little blouse/short jacket for a cu-cool £1 from the local high street ethnic shop-I'll be wearing it again this season!!

Will you be in bird or animal prints this summer?


Claude Montana, Being a scarlet woman

Back in the 80s, I had a red blazer with a zipper front, which I wore endlessly and loved a lot, even though it was from the local market.

So last week when I found this gorgeous Claude Montana vintage 80s wool blazer for only £2.50 at the boot sale, it brought back memories of my first red one:

This one fits like a glove and now its been dry cleaned is ready to wear-I can't wait!!
Red is so on trend too-check out this article by the Daily Mail showing different ways of bringing scarlet into your wardrobe.

Will you be a scarlet woman this season?


Outfit Post-Layers and Khaki

In March, I bought these khaki cropped trousers by Warehouse for only £1.99 from Sense charity shop and the black cropped tee is by Cheap Monday and was £2.49 from the Salvation Army-very 80s and perfect for a layering style:

My shoes are vintage wedge sandals by Marks and Spencer, which I thrifted a few years ago.

I was pleased to get these khaki trousers as they fit the season trend, but I didn't want pockets on the side, so opted for a cropped style instead.


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