Thrift Inspiration, Doing it Net-A-Porter Style!!!

Ok, so its not new news that biker jackets are in this season, Net-A-Porter have a fabulous one by Doma in beige for £550

I already have my black biker style jacket, but was eager to get a real biker style with the stud, epaulettes, collar and asymetric zipper detail.

I was pleased to score this vintage leather browny beige jacket on Ebay for a bargainous £25 this week. Its hard even to get a faux leather jacket for around this price, so when it came and actually fitted like a glove, I was very pleased indeed!!

What winter trend piece has you drooling at the moment?


Safari dress-A timeless piece for the wardrobe

Safari style dresses have been in style for decades now and come into trend every now and then. I bagged a Morgan safari dress this summer at the boot sale and as we are experiencing an Indian Summer, I thought I'd wear it

Carrie in her vintage Halston safari dress

Yves Saint Laurent, late 60s

My dress was only £2, but its a keeper for future summers and works well by itself or with leggings

What timeless classic do you enjoy wearing?


My Kimono

For an absolute age, I've been after a decent gown, instead of throwing on hubbys cast off jumpers of an evening to keep me warm, LOL!!

I found a little mini length kimono in the charity shop a few weeks back, but didn't buy it, even though it was only £1.50-goodness knows what I was thinking!! I went back for it a couple of days later, but of course it was gone-rule number one of thrifting which I broke to my cost-'If in doubt, DO buy it' Its rare a gem will be there when you go back for it.

So at the boot sale a couple of Sundays ago, I was pleased to see, laying in a heap, this gorgeous authentic Japanese silk kimono for only £1!!!

Its a great length for lounging about in and is reversible too!!

This was definitely my boot sale bargain of the month, as I doubt I'll be going back to one for this year-the season tends to wind down and in my area, they'll be finished around October.

So another item off the wishlist-and a unique buy at that!!


Casual shirts

I was really pleased to find this Levis big 'E' denim shirt at the boot sale a couple of weeks ago for only £1!!! Denim and denim shirts are bang on trend for this season, I'll definitely be wearing it and shirts are a great layering piece too!!

The big 'E' on Levis pieces was discontinued in 1972 and this shirt seems like a 'deadstock' item, as its in very good condition for being nearly as old as me, LOL!!


Season Basics black biker jacket

So having searched for a good few months now, last week I finally found some dark denim straight legged jeans, which are high waisted and stretchy-similiar styles are currently available at Net-A-Porter, MyWardrobe and Reiss this season. My brand are 'Blendshe' and were £3.99 from The Heart Foundation charity shop.

I'm wearing them with my other season basics- a grey and black striped skinny polo neck, by Marks & Spencer and thrifted from the Salvation Army for £2.99.

My other essential basic is my beloved black leather biker style jacket, which I got from Sue Ryder charity shop last year for £9.99.

Have you got this season's basics yet?


Vintage Oscar de la Renta

Last week the gorgeous One of 365 did a lovely post on The NEW And MODERN Oscar de la Renta and this prompted me to do a post on last months find, a beach wrap/lounging gown, which is Vintage Oscar de la Renta and was in the Salvation Army for only £2.49!

It will be an ideal cover up for on the beach or as a lounging gown over a little nightdress in the summer months.

Wishing you all a great weekend!!


Award time again!!!

Its great to receive awards from fellow bloggers and even nicer to be able to dish them out too, LOL!!

A big thank you to Anika-African Tea Party, Janet Taylor, Nurmisur of To much Information and One of 365 for my awards recently and of course I'm now awarding them out to some more lovely ladies!!

This final one is for some lovely 'new' bloggers who I hope will be visiting for quite a while to come!!

One of 365
Nurmisur, To Much Information
Whats happening at my House
Grown up Chick
Life the universe and all thats in it

Hope you all have a good weekend ladies!!


Topshop Unique

Here are my favourite picks from Topshop Uniques gorgeous collection-

Dancefloor dress, £85

Squiggle dress, £65

Comb sequin dress, £110

Flying saucers dress, £75

Certainly Unique, don't you agree??!!!


Armani blazer find

I bought this blazer by Armani in the spring and still hadn't worn it, so this is its debut. It was £4.99 from the Sue Ryder Charity shop:

You can tell I was having a lazy day, as all I was in the mood to do was sling on my Uniqlo leggings and this oversized tee, which is Gap 1969 and was from the St Francis Hospice for £1.50

I'm wearing the Marks & Spencer boots that I got last month, they are really comfy considering I don't do heels!!


New Winter Coat!!

Its that time of year when winter coat shopping is on the agenda. Last week I ordered a black parka for £74.99 from River Island and although it fitted like a glove I wasn't convinced it was the one for me. Like the lovely 'Looking Fab in your Forties' who posted of her winter coat dilemma last week I also required something with a hood, knee length and warm enough for the school run and walks to work.

I was pleased to grab this Per Una brown parka, which is as new and as warm as toast as it has a feather and down lining, unlike the River Island one.

This was £20 buy it now with £7 postage, so a saving of nearly £50 for me!! Not just that, but no more searching-this sort of shopping is like food shopping for me, necessary but dull, LOL!!

What clothes shopping do you find is a necessity, but dull??


Layers and a LBD

In the summer holidays I came across this woollen little black dress, which has a great deconstructional feel about it, with an asymmetric neck and hemline which I love, as well as it being bodycon style too. its by United Colours of Benetton and was about £4 from the Sense charity shop.

My other fave find was from last week and was this grey top from H&M, which is just right for layering-this makes this LBD totally wearable for winter and its certainly a cosy, comfy outfit too!

I still need to get used to high heels, I'm only comfy from the knees upwards, LOL!!


Favourite Carrie-SATC outfits

As you may well know, the current Sex and the City movie is being filmed and 'Carrie' is being seen in a variety of stylish and inspirational outfits and the lovely 'Looking Fab in your Forties' has done a wonderful post of her current stylish offerings, check it out.

I thought I'd share my favourite outfits from the SATC seasons one to six, I love her love of mixing vintage and designer in her own unique way.

Season 4-vintage white dress

Season 4- vintage nurses cape

season 5-vintage Vivienne Westwood top

season 6-vintage tuxedo and Mickey tee

season 6-vintage skirt

season 6-vintage dress

season 1-vintage silk nightgown worn as a disco dress

season 2-Carries 7$ vintage dress

season 3-vintage dress

season 3-vintage Halston dress

season 4-vintage dress

All pictures are from the HBO Sex and the City website-this is a must see link for all of you die-hard fans of all the gals outfits!!!


Farhi Skirt Find!!

In my wardrobe, I have a lot of jeans, a lot of dresses, a lot of tops, but not a lot of skirts-to be precise after more thrifting recently, I've 2 black skirts, 3 denim skirts and 2 summer skirts.

This includes this fabulous find last month at the Cancer Research charity shop-it's by Nicole Farhi and was only £4.25!!!

I chose it not just for the label, but the gorgeous pattern and the fullness-it is lined and feels very full and swingy to wear. I'm very picky when it comes to skirts, maybe thats why I don't have many in my wardrobe!!

What sort of items are scarce in your wardrobe, I'd love to know??


Thrift Inspiration, Doing it Designers Style!!

According to the Grazia Catwalk report, pink is very much in trend this A/W season, so I was happy that one of my most recent purchase's fitted this category nicely without breaking the bank!

My fab find a little while back was this Pink wool cable 3/4 length sleeve cardigan from Next, which was thrifted from the Saint Francis Hospice charity shop for half price-It was £2, reduced to £1, LOL!! Its a perfect cover up for wearing in summer evenings and also in autumn.

It will go with most pieces in my wardrobe, especially dresses and jeans and a camisole top underneath.

Will you be in pink next season?



I've been waiting for some cooler weather to wear my Issey Miyake cardigan/jacket. When I did its debut post, I had worn it done up but I wanted to wear it as an open cardi, showing off the waterfall effect it gives.

I'm wearing my plum suede ankle boots and my Gap draped cerise tee-everything worn is a charity shop find, surprise, surprise!!

So. this is my summer to autumn default outfit-cardi/jacket, tee, jeans and ankle boots. What is your transitional outfit of choice?


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