Whats in your wardrobe?

Hi everyone!!

Its always fun to have a nose in other peoples wardrobes, so I thought I'd give you a snapshot of whats in mine!!

After a sort out of the unwanted items in my wardrobe, now bound for the charity shop, this is how my wardrobe and drawers look:

Bags are at the bottom of the wardrobe above

Closed drawers are our underwear drawers!!

I no longer have anything in storage, its all in my 2 wardrobes (1 wardrobe of coats and jackets and 1 wardrobe of dresses, jeans, bags and tops) and I have 2 drawers of woollies, 1 drawer of dresses, 1 drawer of tees and tunics, 1 drawer of blouses and 1 drawer of skirts.

As I wear a uniform for work, I really don't get to maximise my wardrobe, so unless I see a 'must have', I'll be buying less and wearing what I have already a lot more. My philosophy in my wardrobe is 'quality over quantity', I'd rather have less and appreciate the pieces I have, rather than a lot of items that I'm just not keen on.

So, to date this month, I've not bought any clothes! Not because of finances really, more because I've bought so many pieces over the last year that:

1. I've not worn a lot of them

2. I've felt a wardrobe overload

3. I've realised I don't have a lot of costume jewellery to compliment my existing clothes

So, to rectify this, I've decided to:

1. Try and buy only costume jewellery this month or items from my wishlist

2. Send the now sorted, unwanted items to the charity shop that are currently overloading the wardrobe, no longer fit in with 'my style' so I'm now only left with the 'truly loved items', which can be seen above!!

I'm aiming to up my accessories though, so I'm on the hunt for costume jewellery such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

I do have a 'wishlist' though!!

1. Dark skinny jeans

2. Navy and white striped oversized tee

3. Red patent shoes

4. Leopardprint shoes

5. Denim waistcoat

So, I'm aiming for these items first before I buy anything else!!

Whats on your wishlist for this summer?

And more importantly-because I'm so nosey, how does my wardrobe compare in size to yours??


Annie Spandex said...

I really want a pair of white skinny jeans, a gold molar pendant, a tribal tooth necklace, bright blue Docs...

WendyB said...

My wardrobe is such a mess, who knows what is in there! I don't feel I have a special desire for anything new -- I feel like I got some great new things already and don't need much else. I might change my tune when you take me thrifting next month! And I do desperately need new bikinis.

Jen said...

Yours looks so tidy, i desperately need to do a big sort through!

zsofily said...

wow, i adore your wardrobe, cause in mine i never find anything i need. the size is almost the same, but i don't have that much dresses. they are on my wishlist this summer with two pairs of jeans, and some new sandals.

(luv your blog!)

Doriana Gray said...

Great post- I love the way your wardrobe is so organised! I think buying costume jewellery is a VERY worthy goal, so have fun doing so! x

Unknown said...

Sadly but the summer here will end up soon. Your wardrobe is very neat. Looking forward on your next post.Have a great day.;D

Travel and Living
Job Hunter

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Your wardrobe is so organised. The only thing organised are my shoes. I love your wardrobe.

Emma x said...

Ohh i love looking in peoples wardrobe! Its so neat and tidy x

the oaks said...

Thank you for giving me ideas now. I just don't think about this like I should.


yiqin; said...

I really want a pair of vintage shoes! I am so jealous of oyur wardrobe!!

Couture Carrie said...

Love your wardrobe and wishlist, esp. red patent shoes ~ great idea!


Anonymous said...

wow my closet is not nearly as organized!

www.janetteria.com said...

U have a great wardrobe and whislist!

I really want a miu miu dye bag and MMM sandals! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I envy your tidy wardrobe! Mine is full to bursting ...

Style At Every Age said...

Well you saw my wardrobe, it was my first post when I started the blog and it still hasn't been sorted out.
I have been shopping today and bought some stuff whistles, jigsaw & gap, now I'm broke!

Angela said...

i forget what i have in my wardrobe at times too. i am wishing for a pair of red shoes as well this summer. : )

Make Do Style said...

Fabulously well organised! And well done on not overloading. Plus it is good not to put things away as otherwise you don't use them!

Sharon S said...

Hi ladies-thanks so much for your lovely comments, its great to hear what yours are like too!!

Christine said...

Your closets look nice. I laughed when I read the title because the first thought that came to my head is "my closet has everything baggy, unflattering for me figure, don't care for it mom mode". Ha! I decided last week I was going to change that ideality of my closet and start getting back into what I use to love wearing. ;)

María Pilar Bernal Maya said...

Many clothes + bags in my closet too. But I´m full of jewerly too because I love the mixes. I´d like the Carrie -Sex NY- wardrobe!!!
kss from Spain

Danz said...

Hey Sharon! How are you?
Like the others mentioned, your closet is so neat and organized. I must try to get mine into some semblance of order. Actually, my entire room could use some organization right now.
Love your wishlist, I would like some of those things too esp. some red patent shoes!
Take care and enjoy the rest of your day dear :)

Cheryl Lynn Pastor Romance Author said...

I'm still cleaning up a little. But I've pretty much gotten rid of stuff I don't wear. Some things I recycle by using them as part of my design for my handbags.

Your wardrobe looks very neat, indeed.


saray said...

wow your wardrobe is so organised.. i wish mine was that organised!
i barley get rid of stuff, i like to keep things that's way my clothes take so much space..
i really want some more sundresses for summer

ellie said...

I'm terrible..I go looking for something that will wow me..and if the price is right..I might buy it. Of course, I never know what that "wow" might be.

Marian said...

Love this post! your closet is so neat!

AsianCajuns said...

Sharon, I'm so impressed! You are so organized. I just moved and I thought I had things under control, but this post inspires me to do some more digging and giving away. Let us know when you find your finds!

Sharon S said...

Hi everyone-thanks for all your comments, so lovely and much appreciated!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're extremely organized! My closet is a mess right now.. my drawers are even worse. I like your wardrobe philosophy.. I def. agree with that. My summer wishlist includes a few rompers, long dresses and vintage costume jewelry to wear with casual t-shirts. And I LOVE that you said 'pressies' in your last comment to me. It made me smile. :)

xo, Becs

christina said...

You have so much drawer space! I'm actually quite green with envy. Mine is fairly large as well, I'd say about the same in size although I don't nearly have as much room for my junk.

Unknown said...

Mine is not as organized as yours! I still need to find a solution for all my pocketbooks.

Seeker said...

What an organized wardrobe you have my dear!!!!!!
I'm always strugling with lack of space so I do a rotation with my clothes acording to the seasons.


La Mimi said...

Hi Sharon!
How are you darling? :)
Thank you for your lovely message, I couldn't be happier right now:)
I'm the opposite! I have quite a lot of costume jewelry...hehe I just need more good quality shoes....

Anika said...

Hey gorgeous,

you are spot on! I love getting a sneak peak at peoples wardrobes
p.s. your wardrobe is waaaayyy too neat ;). I have a similar sized wardrobe and I keep all my collectible vintage wear in a separate closet,

And I agree with you about not utilising alot of your normal wardrobe during the week. I do however have alot of costume jewellery that I absolutely live in. Its the best way to jazz up work outfits, isn't it.

Good luck with your hunt for cool costume jewellery too.

p.p.s. dark skinny jeans, a stripey tee, red patent shoes and leopard print anything are classic wardrobe staples. I'd love to see what you score :)

Broke Bettie said...

Oooh, thanks for the peek into your wardrobe. I'm totally inspired, I've really felt the need to pare down my "collection" and this is proof positive to go for it :)

Sally said...

i also want a nacy and white striped t! as well as some black skinny jeans to cut slits into!more jewellery is always nice aswell!x

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i love reading these-sounds like you've got a fab closet!


Sharon S said...

Hi ladies-thanks so very much for the fabulous comments, all much appreciated!!


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