A fabulous contest from Danz!!


Fatal Attraction 2 Fashion and Chickdowntown are teaming up to give away Rachel Leigh's awesome Sex and the City-inspired studded belt (valued at US$150) to one lucky reader.

All you have to do is come up with the most creative outfit using only this belt and other items from Chickdowntown.

You can use anything you like to put together this outfit whether it's a Photoshop collage or using Polyvore to assemble the items - you can even draw it if you want!

Just make sure to mention which items you've used when sending in your entry.

Contest is open only to resident of the U.S and ends 12 A.M ET on March 12, 2009.

Check out the link below to enter or for more details.


Good luck to all those who enter!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Not that I would..but I can just think of all those bloggers who would. Are you going enter?

Thanks for the note.

www.janetteria.com said...

Thank U for the information. ;)

xoxo: Janet

Sharon S said...

Hi Ellie-its just for US residents, but I said to Danz I would do a post for her!!

Hi Janet-you're welcome!

Couture Carrie said...

So fun!


Emma x said...

That belt is lovely. Shame its only for people in the US!

Deb said...

Hi Sharon! What a great contest! Don't think I'll try it though because, I think there will be far more creative people than myself entering. How are you? I'm trying to creep back into blogging but I don't want to get caught up like before. I just thought that I'd stop by yours and say hello! Deb

Shes Dressing Up said...

Oooh wish I was in the US!

Seeker said...

Oh I so wish I could enter, as I said to Danz that belt is to die for, and I have no one like that.


Gigi said...

I see "Roger" finally made it to mainstream. I was wondering when someone would start reproducing it.

jess said...

I love that belt. Too bad I cant enter since I'm under 18.

shopinchic said...

Thanks for the contest information and link!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing darling! I'm lucky that I already have the belt! hehe :)


Sharon S said...

Hi there-thanks for your lovely comments everyone!

Deb-nice to see you back my dear, hope you are well!


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