Thrift Inspiration, doing it the Gucci way!

I was really pleased to snap up this vintage Jaeger bargain-my last purchase of 2008.

A total classic, it is a navy patterned canvas hobo style bag with leather trimmings and was £3.75 in Cancer Research. It will be ideal to use in any season and is big enough to hold anything, either by hand or over the shoulder.

For anyone who thinks it looks familiar, it is virtually the same as the Gucci Jackie O (Bouvier) bag. A great timeless bag that has never gone out of style-my kind of bag!


Emily said...

what a fantastic find! the similarities are stunning and for such a low price! happy new year :)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi Emily-thanks so much my dear!

Marte said...

Great bag Sharon Rose :)

Happy new year!

Savvy Mode SG said...

fantastic find sharon. they are both classics.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi marte-thanks so much my dear!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi savvy-thanks for your lovely comment!


darling your bag is classic,you will be wearing ten years from now. you always find fab stuff.
hope your having a good wknd.

Sydney said...

you get the best bargains!

i'm back, by the way!

happy new year!

Couture Carrie said...

Oh Yes I love the Jackie bag! I have a black suede one that I just cherish!


Make Do Style said...

Good snag as ever!

janettaylor said...

Hi Sharon dear!

What a great find! Lovely & dream price!

kisses: Janet

Skye said...

Excellent last purchase for the year, looking forward to seeing what 2009 brings you!

She's Dressing Up said...

You always find such great bargains =D!

atelier said...

It looks lovely. The one in the picture was A. Leon TAlley (from Vogue USA)

AsianCajuns said...

That's a great find. Because it's vintage and broken in, it looks more expensive that something you could get today. I can't wait to see what you wear it with!

Have a happy weekend!

devon maid. said...

woop! what a find :)
I never seem to have the same luck :(

Happy new year, keep up the great blogging!



WendyB said...

Nice buy at a nice price.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi Marian-thanks for your lovely comment my dear!

Hi sydney-yay, happy new year my dear!

Hi Couture Carrie-yes, a real classic, thanks!

Hi kate-thanks so much my dear!

Hi janettaylor-yes, the price was good, haha, thanks!

Hi skye-thanks my dear, can't wait for somme 2009 bargains!

Hi nic-thanks a lot my dear!

Hi atelier-yes, thought so! thanks my dear!

Hi asiancajuns-thanks for your lovely comment,yes, its a versatile year round bag, I'm sure I'll use it often!

Hi devon.maid-thanks for stopping by with your lovely comment!happy new year too!

Hi wendy-thanks so much my dear!

LaMimi said...

Yet another great buy ! :) It does indeed look a lot like the Gucci bag, so that's another reason to love it.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi LaMimi-thanks so much my dear!

The Seeker said...

Oh my dear you always manage to find so great things. I think you're gift for it (is that right?)

Happy 2009


ellie said...

Always still in style. Good stuff.

thanks for the comment too.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi the seeker-thats lovely of you, thanks my dear!

Hi ellie-thanks my dear, you're welcome!


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