Fourth Picture of the fourth folder!

The lovely Rianna Bethany forwarded me a challenge to *Go to the fourth folder on your computer where you keep your photographs.
*Choose the fourth picture.
*Explain it.
*Tag four other people.
This is from Celia Birtwells recent collection from Topshop. I didn't purchase anything from it as I found the material of the blouses too flimsy.
I do have some of her pieces from previous collections, which you can see in my gallery pictures to the right hand side of my blog.
Soo, thats the explanations over and I now tag the following people:
Kate-Make Do Style
Marian-House of Style
Lenya-The fashion Loving Stylist
Couture Carrie


Seeker said...

This is a funny game Nice picture.


Sharon S said...

Hi the seeker-yes, I agree!

ellie said...

Pretty though..but I'm like you...have to have something a bit more durable Don't want it falling apart on me. On one occasion I had a beautiful blouse that was out of this silky like fabric pull apart on me during a flirting session I suppose at a party. I certainly didn't want to expose that much of myself.

Thanks for the comment. Oh, I wouldn't say Ellie is official with Elliot or anything. Not yet, anyway.

Sharon S said...

Hi Ellie-hope you wasn't too caught out with the blouse situation! Have a lovely weekend!

Make Do Style said...

Ah good fun- I'm duly tagged!

Anonymous said...

I love this 4th photo from 4th folder tags. I think they are really fun! lol!

WendyB said...

It looks flimsy even in the photo.

Mustafa Şenalp said...

çok güzel site.:)

Sharon S said...

Hi Kate-LOL, I'm sure you've some very interesting photos!

Hi Fashion Addict-thanks! Feel free to do the tag too!

Hi Wendy-yes, best avoided!

Hi Mustafa Senalp-thanks for stopping by!

Marian said...

thanks darling for the tag. love the photo that you put up for the tag sweetie. You know your right the fabric in that range was pretty thin dear.
hope you had a relaxed wknd.
muah x

Sharon S said...

Hi marian-soo welcome my dear, have a lovely week!


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