Fourth Picture of the fourth folder!

The lovely Rianna Bethany forwarded me a challenge to *Go to the fourth folder on your computer where you keep your photographs.
*Choose the fourth picture.
*Explain it.
*Tag four other people.
This is from Celia Birtwells recent collection from Topshop. I didn't purchase anything from it as I found the material of the blouses too flimsy.
I do have some of her pieces from previous collections, which you can see in my gallery pictures to the right hand side of my blog.
Soo, thats the explanations over and I now tag the following people:
Kate-Make Do Style
Marian-House of Style
Lenya-The fashion Loving Stylist
Couture Carrie

Thrift Inspiration, doing it Topshop Style!

Looking in my wardrobe last week to see what items I really wanted to get, I found that I had no denim mini skirts. I've come to realise that it is a versatile item of clothing to have, as I could wear it in winter with leggings or woolly tights, or in summer with flip flops or flat shoes-not 80s style though, with white stilettos, those days are long gone, LOL!

Both of these are on sale at Topshop, £25 each
So, I went onto Topshops website and found the 2 skirts above, the darker one is their 'distressed' style and the lighter one is their 'vintage' style, both £25.
Of course, I didn't want to pay £50 for two casual denim skirts though, so when hubby and I went for McDonalds on Sunday (our twice monthly treat!), I scooted straight into the British Heart Foundation charity shop which was open and found this first skirt for a bargain £3.99!!

It looks slightly A line, but is a stretchy denim and is quite figure hugging. It looks quite alright with some black wool leggings I have.

This skirt is one that I bought with my denim knee length pencil skirt a few months back. This one is by H&M and was £1.50 in PDSA and was also knee length. I've done a diy job and chopped it, I just need it to fray more at the hem, which it will naturally through wear.

So, 2 skirts for less than £5 and which can be worn all year round too!!
Denim is so versatile and what with so many washes and styles in trend (distressed and acid wash are big for summer), it is a great buy, but don't forget to root through your wardrobe to see what you already have-a customised job could be awaiting you for that item that could have a new lease of life this summer!


A New Sister Site for Net-A-Porter

Hi there

For everyone who loves Net A Porter, it will be great news to hear that it is opening a new sister site called theOutnet.com this Spring.

The Telegraph have an in depth article on it click here to read for yourselves.

It promises to be a great site, as it will be featuring items at dramatically reduced prices-you can sign up for regular emails if you click on theOutnet.coms page above.

I can't wait, if it's anything like Net-A-Porters sale items, we will all be seriously drooling, LOL!!


A Zara Basic

Another recent thrift find was this Zara silk/cotton tunic style top, from the local Sue Ryder for £3.75. Its a great layering piece and it helps that grey is Paris's 'in' colour too!!

I've paired it with a black polo body underneath, my Levi jeans and my grey suede boots which are by Next and thrifted a couple of years ago from the Salvation Army for £3.99.

I'm looking forward to visiting Zara and Mango towards the summer for some basic vest tops, they do some really stylish pieces for very reasonable prices.


Thrift Inspiration, doing it Balmain Style!

In the latest UK Vogue catwalk supplement, they are predicting that distressed jeans and a black blazer is the look Parisians will be loving this spring. Balmain are really rocking this trend, so I thought I'd give it a go.

This is my H&M velvet blazer I thrifted last autumn for £5.50 and the jeans are vintage Lee Cooper with the distressing as a DIY job with the razor and cheese grater that I thrifted for about £2. My sandals are by Giles Deacon for New Look. The vest is my black M&S thermal cami.

The Balmain look really is about a statement jacket and totally distressed jeans, but I wanted to work the with the Vogue prediction and play my look down for a more wearable everyday look.

Will you be in distressed jeans this summer?


Oh, to be fabulous!!

Hi everyone!! Its blog award time, the lovely Janet Taylor awarded me this fabulous award, I now just have to graciously accept and pass it on to ten other worthy bloggers, so here goes:

Lovely Ladies, please accept the above award:
Asian Cajuns
La Couturier
La Mimi
Kate-Make Do Style
Sal-Already Pretty


Atelier Mayer

Hi there!!

As everyone knows, I adore vintage designer fashion and I preferably like to source it by thrifting from Charity Shops and Boot Sales. I also like Ebay, but I spent a lot last year on items, which although I do not regret, don't want to do from now on.

I've just come across a delightful website called Atelier Mayer, which sells online vintage and antique clothing. Not only that, it gives an insight into Vintage Buying, Designers and Icons and Decades in Fashion.

It really is a minefield of information and even if their prices are rather high for you, the information on offer is definitely worth a read, if you are into vintage.

I particularly liked their answer to 'What is Vintage Fashion?' I have been intrigued as to what decade 'vintage' starts from. I'll let you find the answer, click on their website and see for yourself!!


Viva La Thrifting!!!

Thrifting is something I've done for years now and the thrill and anticipation is still there, regardless of whether I come home with a bargain or not. I enjoy the journey-that is, the day or afternoon, of trekking from one charity shop to another (or through the stalls at the boot sale), listening to other folk picking up their bargains or listening to the music playing in the shop. Its real 'me' time, where I can hope to catch a bargain but if not, c'est la vie, there is always next time.
It was my love of thrifting that initiated the blog-as well as my love of Ossie Clark, as I often read in awe the gorgeous WendyBs blog, until I decided to go for it and do my own.
Well, its soo fabulous when you find 'the perfect bargain'. Its very rare to capture something that really takes your breath away and gets you running to the till, in case the shop girl takes it away from you, declaring that actually, its not for sale after all, LOL!!
In the week, feeling rather down, I decided to go thrifting in my local town after work, as I just wanted some time to myself. I started at my beloved Salvation Army, nothing doing, so trekked over to the 3 others further in town. Still feeling like I didn't want to come home, I mooched into the high street shops and back into the Salvation Army. There it was, waiting for me-'my perfect find'.

A 1980s vintage wool Issey Miyake 'Plantation' deconstructed top/jacket!! As soon as I picked it up and saw the cut, design and quality, I knew I had to have it. I didn't even try it on, I just sprinted to the till, paid up and headed home!!
Issey Miyake is a Japanese 'Modern Master' along with Hanae Mori, Rei Kawakubo (Comme Des Garcons) and Yohji Yamamoto, who each have left mesmerising impressions on international style with their groundbreaking work, proving that Asia is full of inspiration and unique styles over the last 60 years.

Its very hard to capture the cut and drapes as the black doesn't photo that well, but the last picture gives a better idea of how it fits. It truly is a stunning item and one which I will covet and treasure for years to come. Funnily enough, after taking it after after the photo shoot, I left it unbuttoned and it looks gorgeous as a jacket too, so a really great item and I view as a real piece of art. Topshop have some tops online now that are very similiar to the draping of mine, so it shows how timeless this top really is. It also gives me back the belief that there are true gems to be found thrifting if you look hard enough.

My first 'eureka' thrift find was an immaculate Ossie Clark maxi dress for £7 in my local Sue Ryder about 4-5 years ago, which I sold to raise some money to pay off debts. I do regret it, but it was meant to be at the time, I suppose.
What has been your best find-be it thrifting, online, ebay or from a high street shop or designer item-what is that item that made you go all weak at the knees and desperate to have in your wardrobe?


How Darling!!

How about these for jelly plastic shoes? They've certainly come a long way from those blue and pink flat ones that originated in the 80s, LOL!!

Vivenne Westwood has collaberated with Melissa for her Anglomania line and these are going to be available at Harvey Nichols for £70-how cute indeed!!


Ladies in Denim

I love denim and it was great to see Roisin Murphy and Chloe Sevigny in their Wrangler jeans and jacket.

I love Chloes jacket, its a great cut and fit and this style goes with anything.

Will you be in denim this summer-if so, jeans, a jacket or skirt and what wash will you go for? I'm into a faded look this summer and already have a jacket from last year and at least 3 pairs of jeans, its just a skirt that I'm after now.



Statement coats at Net-A-Porter

Net A Porter have some gorgeous statement coats in their sale. If I don't track a vintage statement coat down this year, I'm seriously thinking of saving up for one in their sale this time next year. Here are my favourites:

Rick Owens Lilies £276.49

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania £186

McQ £329

Helmut Lang £256.92

A winter coat is a serious investment piece and if looked after can last many years, so although the initial investment may seem steep, the cost per wear will come down quite rapidly!!


For Rainy Days

When the weather is milder and rain is not too far away, then a trenchcoat is a must have.

I picked up this Gap trenchcoat for £5 last spring on Ebay and it is an ideal cover up for showers

Have a great Sunday everyone!!


Thrift Inspiration, doing it the Plaid Way!!

Last spring, I picked up this brushed cotton plaid Topman shirt at Chigwell boot sale for only £1.50, little did I know then that plaid shirts were going to be in trend this winter!

They are a great all year rounder and can be worn as is, or layered over a polo neck for the colder days that are around right now.

Will you be into plaid this winter?



Key Summer basics on the radar

I'm thinking of what I want for this summer already and so far not a big list but just key basics:

Faded denim mini skirt (this one is from Topshop)
Brown camisole vest top
Red camisole vest top
A couple more across the body bags
Blue denim waistcoat
Whats on your summer wishlist already, you might give me some more inspiration!!


Ahoy there!!

Couture Carrie has done a fantastic post on the upcoming nautical trend for Summer 09. For me, it is a great trend, ever since I was a girl, its been in and out of style and it is a great summer look.

The Telegraph have put together a lovely ensemble from Prada, APC and Chanel. This is a great outfit, navy jackets and white trousers are a stylish, popular choice to embrace this trend.

I thrifted a lovely George Rech vintage breton style jumper, which I will pair with my white Ralph Lauren jeans this spring and summer-how will you rock this trend?


Next Bargain!

The lovely Marian at House of Style received a lovely jumper from Next for Christmas and her pressie inspired me to go looking in Next in their winter sale. I hadn't been in there in a long time for purchases, it was my main haunt for clothes back in the 80s, particularly jumpers and smart tailored wear, so I was hoping I could nab a bargain.

I came across this jacket/cardigan on sale for £15 and what I like about it is how versatile it can be worn. Here I'm wearing it closed and open with jeans, but I would also wear it with a black bodycon dress and also with smart trousers too.

What bargains did you pick up in the sales this winter, or are you saving the pounds for a summer investment?


This made me Laugh-Quote of the week

(Picture:Peoples Daily)

Versace will not pander to the recession by lowering its prices or offering dramatic sale discounts, the label's ceo said in an interview with Italian daily Il Sole 24 Ore yesterday.

"Our regular client was not queuing on January 3-4 in Milan or Rome but was on the slopes in St Moritz or on a boat in the Caribbean," he said. "We want to offer a real luxury and not to open our doors to the consumption of young girls who can put the designer handbag of their dreams on their arm with less than 300 Euros. We are not interested in that."


Summer 2009 Trends

Although its just mid January, all the magazines are totally tuned in to the upcoming trends for 2009. The Telegraph have picked out a gorgeous mix from the catwalk to highlight what will be about later this year, click on my link to view in more detail.
Here are my favourite trends for Summer








Statement Jacket

All pictures: Telegraph

Back to Basics

Hi everyone, hope you are having a great weekend! Well, its still freezing cold and I really am not a fan of cold weather. It makes me miserable, I feel totally unglamorous and long for sun, LOL!! I've been after a statement coat for a while now, but not in black. I'm still on the hunt for one, preferably vintage, but I may now wait until later this year, so I can save up for a really lovely one. I've been wearing my fugly black parka coat and although it ticks all the boxes on the warmth and practicality front, I feel so unstylish in it!

On my walk home from work in the week, I had my usual browse in the charity shop and came across this black wool pea style coat by BHS for £9.95. I snapped it up, as I needed a basic black winter coat that is timeless in style and will keep me cosy too.

I'm also wearing my new shoe-boots from Aldis for only £8.99. They are high heels, so I don't wear them regularly at the moment, but they are a welcome change from my flat boring boots, haha!!


So 80s, so now!!

Another trend destined to be hot for 2009 is pale denim. I've always loved this look, and if you are after stone wash, acid wash or a bleached look, then you will most certainly pick something up by thrifting.

A really great look for spring/summer 09, which is casual chic and can be dressed up or down-will you go for it?
Pictures from Grazia Fashion


Be an English Rose this summer!!

Hi there!!

According to the fashion forecast at Topshop, the hottest trend this spring and summer is vintage rose designs, Pre-Raphaelite watercolour prints, pastel garden roses and monochrome florals. I for one am very pleased, as it means I can revisit some of my favourite vintage and modern dresses that I already have that tap into this trend-

Topshop silk watercolour floral tea dress

Marks and Spencer vintage rose 50s style dress

See By Chloe navy floral dress

Radley vintage pastel garden rose prom style dress

A sample of whats hot right now in Topshop-click on the links to view:

Its odds on you have at least one floral vintage summer dress in your wardrobe, dig it out as it will be a winner for this summer!


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