My thrift finds this week

Well, winter is well and truly here for a lot of us and for me in England, its been very cold and chilly this week. I've been sort of keeping my eyes out for another winter coat or jacket, but was only going to buy something if it was just right for me. So, on the way to work yesterday, I passed my local charity shop and lo and behold, on the rack waiting for me was the perfect black fur vintage pre-owned jacket!
I haven't owned real fur before, I have 3 faux fur jackets and 5 leather jackets. Its not that I'm anti fur (well I enjoy my meat and leather jackets too much!), I just hadn't seen one I liked enough I suppose, to buy. Anyhow, this one was only £5.75 and it fits like a glove!
I couldn't wait to pair it with my other find of the week, my black denim jean/leggings, which were from the Salvation Army for £3.99. They are from Primark and have a zip ankle and ruch at the ankles too. They are so comfy and I thought they would go well with my black biker boots.
I'm also wearing a grey chunky polo neck (Marks & Spencer-thrifted) and my sequin black denim waistcoat. During and after this photo shoot, it was relentlessly wet, windy and cold, so when I went to town to do shopping for my mum, I had to put on my black padded parka with the hood up. I still came back like a drowned rat, LOL!!
I'm very pleased with the jacket, as it will go with so much and keep me lovely and warm too-as long as its dry enough to wear it!!
Oh, yes, when I went back into my local charity shop, the gold boob tube was there, as well as a lovely vintage sequin jacket. Thanks so very much for all the yays on my previous post about the boob tube, but when I saw the sequins again, I just decided I'm more than happy with the sequins I have. So, someone else can nab these bargains, haha!!


www.janetteria.com said...


What a pretty Sharon Rose! Waiscoat? I adore waistcoat (menswear) Check this out: http://janetteria.blogspot.com/2008/12/maszkulin.html

Masculin, feminine or BOTH? Haha!

Have a great weekend: Janet

Sharon S said...

Hi janettaylor-thanks for such a lovely comment, have a great weekend!

Nathalia said...

Your outfit is so nice! I like your blog a lot:) come an give your opinion on my new one, it would make me so happy!
ps. I love all of the bags in one ofthe previous post..

Sharon S said...

Hi Nathalia-thanks so much for stopping by with your lovely comment my dear!

Siljesfashion said...

Great buy! The jacket is very nice and will last you a lifetime. You have to check out my leopard jacket!!

Sharon S said...

Hi Silje-thanks so much my dear, we really thought the same today to show our new fur jackets, LOL!

Cate said...

Hi Sharon! That fur coat is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I really like it. I'm not anti fur either, I have no problems with wearing it (shoot me! Lol. No, don't). And your jean/leggings fit really well too.
From the photos I almost couldn't tell that the waistcoat was sequined, but what a great way to wear sequins during the day!
Good choice to not get the boob tube - I think the jacket and the jean/leggings were better investments! I wanna have them :D

WendyB said...

Very chic! And amazingly thrifty as always.

Trendology said...

i'm in awe of your recent finds! looks great!

Seeker said...

My dear, despite I'm against fur (I'm also vegetarian... you know), I'm not a fundamentalist and vintage fur don't shock me as the fur nowadays industry sells with the sufferin and pain of many animals. Well I could say I'm not against fur, I'm against what they do to animals, the massive killing.
Because if an animal dies of course we can use its fur.
Anyway I do love your fur coat!!!
It's great and what a bargain.
You look lovely in it.

Hope you're having a fab weekend.


Susana Rodrigues said...

That's a very stylish coat! :) you look great on it!

Rice and Beans Vintage said...

Cute shoes!

TINA said...

What a steal! I am so jealous, I wish my local thrift stores had such great finds.
I love the turtleneck, too.

Sharon S said...

Hi Cate-thanks for such a lovely comment, I'm pleased I left the boob tube behind for these too!

Hi Wendy-thanks for your lovely comment my dear!

Hi Trendology-thanks so much for stopping by with your lovely comment!

Hi The Seeker-yes, I totally see where you are coming from, a lot of the killing nowadays is totally barbaric and unnecessary too. thanks for your lovely comment my dear!

Hi The Stiletto Effect-thanks so much my dear!

Hi Rice and beans Vintage Clothing-thanks a lot!!

Hi Tina-thanks for stopping by with your lovely comment!

Cate said...

Hi Sharon: Thanks for your comment! Next summer I'll try wearing the Zara dress too! The problem with the summers in Germany is that it's too cold to wear real summer dresses usually and it's too warm to wear them layered with something, so the only opportunity for wearing my summer dresses is in winter! :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

How much time do you think you spend thrift shopping? Do you usually just buy clothes?

Stay warm and dry over there!! :-)

ellie said...

You look wonderful. Love the outfit. Its snowing here. The wind blowing. It was actually warm yesterday..but not today.

Thanks so much for the comment.

ellie said...

Ok..hopefully, I can send this comment.

Its snowing here..shivers...

Love the outfit.

Thanks so much for the comment.

Make Do Style said...

Great finds and so wintery - I'm still thinking sunshine, won't last!

Vera said...

mm that coat is amazing, great, great find!

Anonymous said...

Hey darling!
Thanks for your lovely comment!
Wow! What a great buy! I can't believe how inexpensive thins are in salvation army stores and other thrifty shopes/vintage stores...I need to start thrift shopping...:)

simplysteph said...

wow, i really have this urge to thrift now. I love a good deal.

Sharon S said...

Hi cate-you're welcome my dear, it looks fabulous on you!

Hi Leigh Ann-thanks for stopping by! I generally go thrifting once or twice a week now, I try not to spend more than £10 a week.

Hi Ellie-snow is gorgeous, but soo cold, haha! take care!

Hi Kate-thanks a lot, make sure you wrap up warm now you're back from that wonderful sunshine!

Hi deep in vogue-thanks for your lovely comment!

Hi La Mimi-thanks for yours too! Yes, thrifting is an excellent way to keep in style and trends!

Hi Simply Steph-yes, go for it, I'm sure you'll find a good bargain!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I really like your blog a lot and don't want to come across as either mean or preachy, but I've been reading some of the comments people have left on this post.Wearing leather or eating meat is not the same as wearing an animal by-product in which the creature has had to suffer an excruciating amount. Having an electrode rammed up your backside and then being skinned alive is, I imagine, really not much not fun. Vintage fur or not, it doesn't mean the animal was killed humanely. Sorry, but we don't live in a climate that's cold enough to necessitate wearing fur.

Anonymous said...

Look at you rocking that fur jacket! I love it! Great find.

Marian said...

honey great thrifted pieces!you look great dear!always love your finds dear.
muah x

Sharon S said...

Hi Anonymous-Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment, differing opinions are always welcome, so long as they are not rude. Yours is a very insightful and thought provoking comment, I understand your point of view.

Hi Beka-thanks a lot my dear!

Hi Marian-thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

love it! :)
La C.

Fashion Trend Guide said...

What a great find. I've ben looking for a black faux or vintage real fur vest, but always seem to find them in ivory or tan.

MakeupByRenRen said...

ohh looks comfy!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sharon, the thrift store gods do shine down on you, don't they!

I want to be happy for you, really I do, but this time I am just too jealous!!!!

Sharon S said...

Hi karen-thanks for such a lovely comment!


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