Must Haves In Your Wardrobe

A new book written by Elle magazine's fashion director Nina Garcia, gives her opinions on the pieces that are viewed as must haves for your wardrobe.

I've picked some of my favourites that I own and also that I would like to own!!

Animal Print
Leopardprint is my absolute favourite of the bunch.

Boyfriend cardigan
A great cosy item thats in trend for autumn and winter.

A great accessory-try wearing it in unexpected ways, on a headband or hat or a bag.

Cowboy Boots
Better if they're 'roughed up' first!

Denim jacket
Not meant to be worn with more denim!

Fake it or go for a real vintage if inclined!

Always In Style

Leather trousers
The tighter and skinnier, the better!

Little Black Dress
A definite must have for all seasons

Old Concert T Shirt
A great must have, that I currently don't have!

Pearl Necklace
Thanks to my generous mum in law, I now have this in my wardrobe

Statement Necklace
If in doubt, head straight over to WendyB!!

Tuxedo Jacket
Great dressed up or dressed down

Say no more, the best for a one off unique piece of style and fashion

Wishlist Items
I would like at some point-a denim skirt, chestnut brown vintage leather bag, more sequins.

Whats your immediate must have or on your wishlist?


Reena Rai said...

I remember reading this list somewhere, I have most if not all of the list. I have tons on my wishlist at the moment, none of them classic items on the list though!

Sharon S said...

Hi fashion dreamer-it was in the daily mail, maybe thats where you saw it!!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your site today and I love it! As a coincidence, I posted today on my blog shopping tips, and one of the suggestions was to shop at antique stores for brooches and other jewellery! I look forward to reading more from you!

Shes Dressing Up said...

Great list, Im currently wishing for some perfect flat boots for winter.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

what a fabulous list, thanks for sharing! i'm all about fake fur, sequins (that's to you) and plaid.

WendyB said...

Aw, thanks for the advertising!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Perfect list.

saray said...

the list is great!
I really need a good denim miniskirt

Sharon S said...

Hi saver queen-thanks for lovely comment and for stopping by!!

Hi nic-good luck, flats are a must for winter!

Hi emily-thanks my dear! Good luck with your wishlist!

Hi wendy-Soo welcome, hope your show soon is very successful!

Hi lenya-thanks a lot my dear!

Hi saray-I want a denim skirt too!

www.janetteria.com said...

vintage, vintage, vintage... haha :D basis, basis, basis! :) This is the inspirations post!

xoxo: Janet

Sharon S said...

Hi janettaylor-thanks for your lovely comment!

Anonymous said...

Great list..I am really happy that I have my black riding boots. They do come in handy.

Cal said...

hey lady! good list...i have everything but leather trousers and a tux jacket. not too bad! on my immediate wishlist is a leather jacket. OOO i want one so badly!

Anonymous said...

I'm on a quest for wool and wintry dresses just now ... it'll be snowy sooner than I'd like!

Always In Style said...

Always In Style"

Great list - I love things that are 'Always In Style' ;)

MakeupByRenRen said...

great list! hmmm i guess i would add black dress trousers?

Angela said...

totally agree. have a savvy day.

Sharon S said...

Hi ellie-a real classic to have!

Hi cal-thanks my dear-good luck hunting a leather jacket!!

Hi sal-yes, I think you're right, good luck looking!!

Hi always in style-yes, just like you my dear!!

Hi ren-a great addition to the list!!

Sharon S said...

Hi savvy-always lovely, thanks a lot!

Dana (MODAna) said...

mmm chestnut brown
maybe look for a non vtg one?

Sharon S said...

Hi dana-thanks for the tip!

Couture Carrie said...

Love this list! For me, a lace-trim jacket is a MUST right now to round out my wardrobe . . .


P.S. I was just at Target yesterday and they had some surprisingly cute sequined items!

Sharon S said...

Hi couture carrie-hope you find the perfect one my dear!! I'm still hunting more sequins, haha!!

Emma x said...

My wishlist is huge and mostly not classic items! However i would love to find the perect knee high boots, i can never find the ones i see in my head! x

Sharon S said...

Hi em-yes, I have a picture of the perfect denim skirt, which I'm yet to find-good luck on your hunt!!

Anonymous said...

i jsut saw something in a magazine about leather breifcase bags and now my heart is set on owning one!

Anny said...

I just (finally) bought a LBD yesterday!!! That was my huge wishlist item for years so for now I'm sated :)

Vain and Vapid said...

Must haves... flat boots, a good t-shirt (collection), converse, wool trousers, winter scarves, oxfords (every kind)...

Sharon S said...

Hi emma-hope you manage to get one!!

Hi anny-fabulous my dear-a great investment buy!

Hi vain and vapid-great items on your list, hope you can get some of them soon!

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

I definitely agree with most of Nina's points here :)

Sharon S said...

Hi S-yes, its a great list!


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