Will you be cool or cosy?

In the Daily Mail a couple of weeks ago, UK Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman wrote about the essential leather jacket as an investment buy and I quote "If you have to make a choice, I would probably pass on a new winter coat, stick with what you already have and buy a leather jacket instead."
Well, I'm not sure she would be saying that if the article was printed this week, as its been really cold and chilly and if you haven't got a decent winter coat or jacket, you're not going to make do with what you've got and splurge on a leather jacket.
I browsed the Dorothy Perkins website earlier for 2 reasons-one was because I've not been on it before and secondly because I thrifted a great little as new Dorothy Perkins brown padded parka jacket today for £5, so I wanted to see if it was online. Well, it wasn't but is very similiar to the cream jacket, but without the buttons.
So, as I love style but I'm not cool enough to rock the leather jacket in this cold spell of weather, here are some cosy, stylish jackets available online at Dorothy Perkins now-click on my link to see their offerings.

Black Ruche Seam Jacket, £25
Cream jacket, £40

Grey wool jacket, £50

Navy Military jacket, £50

Have a great weekend everyone and for those who participate, Happy Halloween!!


Style in Sequins

Sequins are really on trend and feature in the new Kate Moss for Topshop collection

Sequin tabard dress, Kate Moss for Topshop, £80

Sequin dress, Kate Moss for Topshop, £130

Also, in the Daily Telegraph yesterday, they did a great article of how sequins are the thing for this Autumn. Alexander Wang, Balmain and Derek Lam are all designers who have also used sequins, or pailettes as they are also known.
The gorgeous Kate at Make Do Style commented earlier how she'd seen a lovely sequin skirt by Pink Soda and this inspired me to see what else was out there from designers and the high street. So courtesey of the Daily Telegraph, here is some more of what is out and about this season! Click on my title to go directly to their article online too.

Blazer, Les Chiffoniers at Browns, £495

Jacket, Monsoon, £95

Beret, Jaeger, £90

Oops, not available to any one except me-sequin vintage waistcoat £1-
Already purchased from Collier Row Boot Sale!

My favourite-Jeans, Siwy £165

Dress, Antik Batik £285

Of course, there is also the delicious Patricia Field for Marks and Spencers sequin jumpsuit for £99 too-so a great choice to be had for either the Xmas season or dressed down with jeans for a cool day look!


Day In London

Yesterday, myself and my eldest son Christopher decided to have a day out in London, starting off at the Tate Modern. He has already been there-last week, but only saw a limited amount, so we went for more of a look. Here are some pictures of us walking towards the Millenium Bridge to get to the Tate on the South Bank.

It was freezing, so I wore my trusty faux fur leopardprint coat, with my M&S stripey cardi, M&S polo neck and H&M purple cords.

We had a really nice look around the Tate Modern-I had pre concieved ideas of what it would be like (as in I wouldn't like it!), but was pleasantly surprised. I particularly enjoyed the works of Matisse, Monet and Picasso. There was also more modern day works of art, videos, sculptures and 'things' which were also very modern and interesting!! So, after our intellectual jaunt, we decided to hit the West End for some window shopping and erm, shopping!

We left the Tate Modern and was in Oxford Circus in no time! We hit NikeTown for Christopher (no purchases here) then H&M-yes for me!! I was very good, even Christopher said 'I can't believe how quick you were in here mum!' I went straight for the woolly hats, got 2, queued to pay, saw some legwarmers, grabbed them, paid and out-phew!
Then we went to Hamleys for some Christmas ideas-currently Lego is at the top of the list and by this time we were hungry so we headed to Argyll Street, for some chinese food-sweet and sour pork with fried rice and noodles-oh, so yummy!
We went to Carnaby Street and I looked in American Apparel for a browse-I saw some lovely wool cable leggings, but resisted temptation. Then we hit a London souvenir shop for a wander and then Christopher went into a shop called 'Size' and got himself some great Reebok trainers in the sale for only£20-they're really awesome, he loves them.
So, all shopped out, we got on the train and came home. We had a great day out and even managed to dodge the rain too!!


Favourite jeans

If I went upstairs and counted all my jeans (including cords), I reckon I must have around 15 pairs-gulp!! Well, I'm not getting rid of any of them, as I really love jeans in general.
I'm a fan of wide legged, flares, stretch, skinnies, straight, low rise, high waisted. Not overkeen on bootleg, but I'll never say never, of course. I also love white jeans, light wash, indigo, coloured and a just plain normal wash.
I've pairs by Levi's, Miss Sixty, 7 For All Mankind, See By Chloe, Ralph Lauren, Gap, Lee Cooper, Anglomania (Viv Westwood), Michiko Koschino (Japanese) and H&M.

So, why is it, that the cheapest pair I've bought-£1.30, from the charity shop, by a make I've never even heard of-Rebel (I think a high street chain make, maybe) are my current absolute faves?? I'm loving the length-I purposely like them above my ankle bone, as I can wear them with ankle boots and it shows the details of them. I also like how I can wear them rolled up. The colour for me is great-I know a light wash isn't in trend at the moment, but I'm just hooked on the colour. The best bit is the stretch and huggy-ness of them and that they are quite high waisted too-no bum cleavage, thankfully!!

What are you favourite jeans of the moment-are they 'on trend' or just 'personal favourites'?


Patricia Field for Marks and Spencer

I thought I'd check out Patricia Field's collection for Marks and Spencer-click on my link to see the rest of the range. Here are my favourites:

Both pairs of boots are £69

Gloves, £15

Sequin catsuit, £99

Strapless catsuit, £65


My Daahling Mother In Law, How I love this Christian Dior!

My mother in law is just the best!! Her and my brother in law came to visit this afternoon and stayed for a while. I showed her my Chanel jacket and my newest Ossie Clark dresses and she said she would also carry on looking out for stuff for me.
As I 've said before, she has an excellent eye and picks up great bargains at the charity shops and boot sales. Anyway, as she was going, she just happened to mention that she had a vintage Christian Dior necklace and earrings and would I be interested? Well, I practically snapped her arms off!!! She said, I'll bring them round next time I come. As soon as they'd gone, I demanded Chris to high tail straight up to mamas for that set-I wanted it now!!
He came back a while later with a sorry tale that my sister in law had nabbed it without anyone knowing!! But I knew he was winding me up-typical, huh!!

Well, this is the set and to say I'm chuffed is an understatement. I've coveted a nice pearl necklace and also some Dior jewellery (I nearly bought a set on Ebay some months back but didn't) so I've a double whammy!! The photo really doesn't do it justice, as well as the pearls, there are diamante and red stones too and all the pieces are authentically stamped.
I just need her to find me an Ossie now, and I'll be in 7th heaven, haha!!


Well, I've been meaning to have a sort out of my stuff for a little while-I'm not a hoarder and anything I feel vaguely off about is a candidate for the charity shop.

I like to have a declutter if not every month, then every other month, although I did have a bit of one at the beginning of October.

It is the charity shops gain after all. Apparently, charities are having it hard at the moment-people worldwide are more in need than ever and some people who donate regularly are either lowering or stopping their regular contributions as the recession begins to set in. A good enough reason for all of you to declutter too and give the charity shops your unwanted things!!

I've got rid of 4 shirts, 4 bags, 2 pairs of jeans (cut offs), a skirt, a hoody and a pair of shoes. Plus some of Christophers bits that are no longer to his liking.

So a full bag to go and I feel better to have let some stuff go that I won't miss.

Do you declutter or are you a hoarder?

UPDATED TO ADD-Oops, after my 20/80 syndrome post, I said I may get rid of some my stuff. All of the stuff for charity is NOT my vintage or designer pieces-I've listened to good advice and intend on keeping these pieces for a long time to come!!


Vintage Fashion, Bagels, Modern Art and Boutiques-E1

Well, as I'm not going to boot sales at the weekends now, I was at a loss of what to do. On Tuesday Christopher had a school trip to the Tate Modern on the South Bank. He really enjoyed it and he bought a book on street art and also wants to go back next week (as it's school holidays) for another look around and to buy the 2nd volume of the street art book.
Well, as we all decided that we could eat a hot salt beef and mustard bagel, we hit Brick Lane for our lunchtime hit and also a wander round to view the street art (grafitti, really!)

I've not been around here on a Saturday and was surprised to see a handful of shops open. One of those was Sam Greenberg Vintage, which I had a lovely browse around. I spied some things, but I'm not buying at the moment-amongst the names was a Courreges padded raincoat for £35, a Guy Laroche coat for £35, a Bill Blass tweed dress and a gorgeous cream crepe and gold beaded Neiman Marcus dress for £35. The two coats were really dirty though, its surprising some of these places don't clean their items first. Mind you, the boy who worked there said, there was no electricity, no hot water, so no heating!!

Hey Rob, who's the superhero?

Another shop we went into was really timewarped in the 60s and 70s, some lovely stuff here-clothes, ornaments, furniture and these great 'Top of the Pops' pictures!!

Of course, I thought I would layer up today, so here are my new tights, my boots from last weeks boot sale, my black Warehouse knitted dress with bell sleeves and my hand knitted gilet-oh, I do feel cosy, haha!!

So, we duly took some pictures of the street art going on around E1 and then went and got our bagels-very nice too!!

While we were in the area, I had a look in Start, Rivington Street, a very stylish boutique in Hoxton. Prices were totally out of my league, but I did enjoy the look around!!
Hope you are enjoying your Saturday-now I will go and chill out-I have a lovely week off now!


Keeping cosy in style this winter!

I posted earlier this week of the dilemmas faced in my 20/80 syndrome-I received excellent advice, all gratefully received and I do intend taking it all on board. Which is why I also acted on the lovely Marian at House of Style's advice. As a fellow UK blogger, she is also aware how cold it gets over here and I am really not a fan of cold wintry weather, draughts and chills. So, when she suggested I wear my lovely dresses, but with woolly tights and boots, and then layers of cardi or gilet and coat, I thought, yes, I can do this!!
So, off I trotted to my local Marks and Spencers this afternoon and picked up the brown tights in the 2nd picture-they are cotton rich thermal opaque tights with wool for £6 and also come in black.

The 1st picture is of the Autograph merino wool blend tights which are £9-they come in navy, grey, black and brown-I will get the grey ones very soon. Click on my title link which will take you directly to M&S online store, for these and other lovely winter warmers!!

I can't wait to get cosy, haha!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Ooh, shiny shiny!!!

I may have mentioned on more than one occasion how much I love leggings. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was on and off Topshops website and kept peeking at these lame snakeskin wet look leggings. Anyhow, after a couple of days I succumbed to temptation and bought them!! I'm glad I did, as they fit really well and they are now out of stock. Plus, I got in before my self imposed 'no more clothes for a while' ban.

I intend on wearing these on my Xmas night out with work friends. I will wear them with my black merino wool boyfriend cardi-belted, black heeled ankle boots or my Giles Deacon for New Look studded sandals and not sure yet about what top underneath!! We are going for a meal, so just as well these have stretch to them-haha!!
Do you have any Xmas nights out planned-more importantly, do you have the outfit planned yet!!


Premio Dardos-Blog Award

The lovely Nothing Elegant nominated me for the above award. In her post, this best describes the awards intent:
This award is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing...that's the general idea.
Here it is, more eloquently, in Portuguese: O conceito deste prémio passa por reconhecer valores culturais, éticos, literários e pessoais, transmitidos de forma criativa e original nos pedacinhos rabiscados por cada blogueiro que o receba.
So, the rules are to pass this on to 15 other bloggers who deserve this-in my opinion, everyone who left comments on my 20/80 Syndrome post are all worthy of the award for the excellent advice they passed on to me, so here you are:
Emily-Cupcakes and Cashmere
Kate-Make Do and Mend
Fashion Dreamer
Nic-Shes Dressing Up
Ladies who Lunch
Vain and Vapid
Fashion Herald
Dana (MoDana)
Lenya-Fashion Loving Stylist
Savvy mode
Ren-Make Up by Renren
And Marian-for her late entry, haha!!
Much deserved, thanks gals!!

The 20/80 Syndrome-Solutions

Hi everyone!!

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on The 20/80 Syndrome Post. I'm so pleased I posted this, as I have received so many replies with lots of opinions on how to go forward.

My favourite advice overall is:

To wear what I've got-regardless of occasion.

Stop buying for the forseeable future-I don't need to buy clothes for the sake of it anymore!

Carry on collecting vintage. If I do this in the future, it will only be unique pieces that I buy and only from charity shops or boot sales.

Its school holidays next week, so I may well use this time to evaluate every item in my wardrobe for a selling opportunity on Ebay. Otherwise, if I'm too attached, I'll just hold on to what I've got with a view to appreciating what I have, not coveting what I haven't got and wearing the pieces more regularly.

Thanks so much everyone!!


The 20/80 Syndrome

I'm in a wardrobe dilemma.

I have a beautiful wardrobe of clothes that is suffering from the 20/80 Syndrome. This precise syndrome entails wearing 20% of my wardrobe 80% of the time.

I love thrifting, I think you all know that by now!! I love the thrill of obtaining a quality piece, be it a dress, jeans, jacket, boots, bag or accessory at a very low price and its a double bonus if its designer or in trend.

I also love blogging and showing my new purchases-some of them get worn regularly, a lot of them come out for a photo shoot and don't get worn again.

As it comes to winter, I'm in my usual uniform of woollies and jeans or leggings, with the jacket of the day chucked over the top. Unfortunately, my current lifestyle doesn't allow regular outings of my lovely dresses, mores the pity. I wear a uniform for work, sort the kids out after school, do food shopping and housework and at the weekends I generally chill out, go to boot sales and/or charity shops and catch up with remaining housework.

Summer is great for my vintage summer dresses as this is when I do go out and about to different places-but I have ample that I've worn and a lot of gorgeous 'collection' dresses that I haven't!

My Ossie Clarks, Celia Birtwells, Jean Muir, Leonard, etc all hang patiently waiting in the wardrobe. Waiting and waiting.

Its leaving me perplexed I must admit. I do sometimes wish I had a different lifestyle to show off these pieces, but I will say it won't change anytime soon as I don't intend changing my job. I really like what I do and am happy enough. I don't yearn for a career in fashion, nor do I really enjoy selling clothes. I had a stint of it on Ebay and I would do it as a one off, but I can't see myself as a vintage clothes seller.

So, this is my dilemma. I love all my stuff, but its not being worn. What to do then?

Well, I'm certainly only going to buy in future what I need. This isn't a 'credit crunch' post, as I'm not looking to cash in on my designer collection for the money-I'm not desperate to raise funds at all. Its about me being perplexed with having a wonderful wardrobe that is suffering from the 20/80 syndrome.

I have enough storage for my things, so that makes me say hold on to my clothes, but on the other hand is it worth keeping if I know realistically I won't be wearing the majority of it anytime soon.

I'd be so interested on your thoughts on my situation-do you also have a similiar situation?

Also, this dilemma doesn't stop my passion for thrifting. The boot sale season is near on finished now, so I've a few months to ponder on this. I think I need to stop going to boot sales, but I love them, LOL!

I visited a lovely new blogger today and her post really struck a cord. She asked' What is it about shopping and obtaining that satisfies me, and if thats even of real value to my Life? A question indeed!!


Thrift Inspiration, doing it Gucci and Etro's way!

Layering is a key trend for Autumn and what better way to do it than with a gilet (or if you prefer to call it a vest or waistcoat). They are the perfect combination with a folksy dress, jeans and top or a lovely floaty skirt. My favourites are from Gucci, Etro and Joseph, although most designers and high street stores have them this A/W 08.

They also come in different textures, materials and styles-sheepskin, wool and fur being the most in trend at the moment. I found this lovely handknitted gilet at the St Francis Hospice a few weeks ago for only £2.50. I love the trimming, it is very soft and fluffy!!

Etros gilets are great too-I love the look above best, as it works well with jeans. Not sure if the one below is real fur, so although I like the style I most probably wouldn't wear it for that reason alone. Will you channel the gilet look this autumn-go for it!!


The Times List-Being a Recessionista

The Times seem to love a list. Todays is 50 ways to being a Recessionista. I've shown my picks, click on my title link to view them all!!

A splurge at vintage boutique Rellik=Clearing out your granny's attic

A romantic mini break=A weekends worth of DVD box sets and takeaways

Buying into the Military look=Changing the buttons on your winter coat

Dry cleaning your statement blouse=Airing it in the garden

The 7/8 trouser length=Chopping the bottoms off of last years skinnies

Shopping on Oxford Street=Shopping in the charity shops of Oxford

New hairdo=New parting

Having it All=having to choose the one, utterly perfect thing you just have to have this month

Investing in a new season Gucci folk dress=Wearing a skinny jumper under a summer smock

New Shoes=New heels and soles for your Jimmy Choos

Do you have a top tip for being a Recessionista?


Boot Sale Saturday!!!

Well, another Saturday, as it was dry hubby and me decided to go for a brisk walk around the boot sale, it was freezing first thing! Winter is definitely setting in, I think!!

Here I'm wearing one of the grey tops I got last week, which was only 50p. I love the little gold and diamante studs which make up the skull and crossbone. I'm also wearing some diy grey wool armwarmers. These came about from a dress a couple of years ago that got shrunk in the wash, so I kept the sleeves as warmers to layer up an outfit!!

These are the biker ankle boots from last week too, which were £1. They are soo comfy, I'm yet to wear them though.

Todays bargains were few and far between, it is definitely the end of boot sale season, I reckon. Still, I picked up these gorgeous leather and suede sheepskin lined boots for £1-I think they're from the 80s. They are a little too small on the right boot, hopefully my big foot will stretch it out!!

I also got this Muppets Animal top for 50p. I'm loving grey tops at the moment, I think because its such a neutral colour and goes with anything!! I can see this with a studded belt and jeans or leggings and my black leather jacket!!

If you've been shopping this weekend, hope you picked up some great bargains!!


Thrift Inspiration, doing it the JPG way!

The A/W 08 collection from Jean Paul Gaultier showcased his love of print and design, particularly in an artistic way-I love this first look especially.

This 80s/90s jacket by Jean Paul Gaultier is so reminiscent of this years trend. I got this last year from my local Sue Ryder Care charity shop. I adore the designs used-snakes and mythological ladies and creatures, it is a picture in itself.

The best bit was it was only £5!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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