More Leather

I want an edgy black bomber jacket-of course the budget means a thrifted one, but these beauties from MyWardrobe.com, Net-a-Porter.com and Topshop.com gives me great inspiration for the sort of thing I'm after.................. Nathan Jenden is my favourite, by the way, followed closely by Malene Birger!!!

Malene Birger, £400

Nathan Jenden, £1200 Miu Miu £805

Rick Owens, £1030

Mike & Chris, £590

Topshop, £100


Thrift Inspiration, doing it the Givenchy way!

Well as I now have Diana as my beautiful statement piece, I fancied getting some low cost bling from the boot sale, as I'd been inspired by Siljes post and also the Givenchy collection too.

The look I came up with will consist of no more than these 3 chains-mainly because of the weight-I don't want to end up wearing a neck brace from having an aching neck and also I really don't want to be mistaken for Mr T from the A team, one of my favourite shows from the 80s!!

Seriously, it is a great look- I just prefer it in moderation and will wear these to jazz up a plain top, knitted dress or jumper this Autumn. The tiger pendant was 50p, the rope chain with a gold and white ball pendant was £1 and the thicker gold chain was £1 too!!


Leather Jackets for Autumn

Browsing Marks and Spencers website this week, I came across these lovely leather jackets for Autumn. Of course, quality is generally guaranteed from here, so although its fairly pricy, its a good investment piece that will last you for years to come and remain stylish and classic too-my fave is the 2nd one, as I like the knitted cuff and waist detailing!!

Black leather jacket-Autograph, £149

Black leather jacket, Limited Collection £149

A big thanks to everyone who commented on my leather jacket in yesterdays post too!! Diana was the main topic of conversation, but I just wanted to mention that my brown leather jacket was £4.99 from the Salvation Army, I thrifted it about 3 weeks ago!! It has quite a worn in look and feel, is very light and soft and I like how I can push the sleeves up on it too!

So, if you are after a leather jacket for Autumn, don't forget to thrift first-you will most probably be able to get a stylish cheap bargain if you look hard enough!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!


Introducing Diana

Well, she's finally here!! I'd like to introduce you to Diana, my new best friend, who will be accompanying me on all my journeys from now on.

Firstly, let me tell you how we met. When gorgeous blogger Wendy came to London and we got together for our memorable day out, we were sitting with our lagers in a quaint English pub and I spotted her. Of course, I knew she was going to be a lifelong friend when I slipped her on my finger and as in the Cinderella story, a perfect fit ensued. Well, Diana didn't leave my side until late evening, when rather reluctantly she went back to her rightful owner, the lovely Wendy................but I was now in love and wanted her back!

A sneak peek!!

Hello Diana-You finally came to me!!! Yes, she was on my mind ever since Wendy departed to carry on her vacation and then back to home and I just knew I couldn't settle until Diana returned to me-only for keeps!!

I'm over the moon-she is absolutely gorgeous, sooo comfortable and will only leave my finger for the day job!! I can't stop staring at her and she is now officially my new 'BFFL'-Best Friend For Life'-Haha!!!!!!!!!! Seriously though, the Diana ring is so stunning and the quality is second to none, it will be a real pleasure to wear this as often as I can.

Diana, you will always have a special place in my heart!!! Click on my title to check out the Diana ring on Wendys gorgeous website-drool over it plus all the other pieces she has to offer, guaranteed you will all have a permanent wishlist which will just have to be satisfied sometime soon!!

Thanks so much Wendy-you've reunited me with Diana and I'm eternally grateful!


High Street Autumn Must Haves

Well done to Elle UK magazine, for showcasing some of the High Streets best buys for Autumn:

Marks & Spencer sleeveless jacket, £49.50

COS, leather skirt, £150

Marks & Spencer gloves £19.50

River Island coat, £64.99

Mango cuff, £12

Reiss clutch bag, £89

Warehouse dress, £75

Topshop jacket, £65


Casual dressing

I thought I'd wear my French Connection cargo style trousers that I thrifted in Eastbourne for £3, with a plain black top and sandals. I like these trousers as they have a tab to keep the roll ups up and they also are good just straight down too. I'm off to the park soon with the boys and a friend and her son. These trousers are my only casual pair, except for jeans. I am very fussy about trousers, which is why I don't own very many-apart from jeans, only 4 pairs, this pair and 3 black ones.

Haha, the husband thought it would be funny to capture a close up, thankfully I can't see any spots on show today!!


Supermarket Surprise!!

Todays outfit is a dress that I found in the Salvation Army last week and what drew me to it was the berry colours-very inspirational for Autumn. It can be worn with flat sandals in summer and I will wear it with tights, boots and a cardi in Autumn and Winter!!

When I first saw it I thought it was vintage, but on looking at the label it is by 'TU' which is Sainsburys supermarket fashion label! I really didn't want any more dresses, but the colour is so Autumnal, it will be a versatile item in my wardrobe, now my summer dresses have been laundered and stored away! Plus, for only £3.50, I couldn't say no!!


Legoland Trip

Saturday was my and Robert's trip to Legoland. Thankfully, we had a glorious day, in weather and fun!!! My outfit choice for the day was a mix of new purchases-my purple Uniqlo cardigan and this really unusual skull print t shirt dress that was in the Salvation Army last week for only £1.75!! I paired this with my Uniqlo leggings and comfy gold espadrilles!!

We got there about 11am and it was sunny and very busy indeed!! Be prepared for lots of pictures, which show off the wonderful land of Lego, which is in the heart of Windsor, Berkshire.

Lokis Labyrinth, Land of the Vikings

Spining Spider, Land of the Vikings-wow, was I dizzy when I got off this!!
This was a 30 minutes wait to get on to!

Lego Creation Centre

At Traffic-Robert took his driving test and got his lego drivers licence here!!

Here at Adventure land, it took 90 minutes to eventually get on Wave Surfer, whch lasted a whole 4 minutes-yaaay!!

Robert with his drivers licence, queueing to get on Wave Surfer!!

Explorers Institute

Robert in X Box 360 gaming Zone

Here at Lego City we watched a show called Johnny Thunder!!

This photo is from google.com-The iphone ran out of battery, but I just had to show you how excellent this part of MiniLand was-London was totally recreated, from Canary Wharf upto Buckingham Palace!!!

We had a fantastic time-Robert brought home some Indiana Jones Lego, which he has built already! Legoland is a really fun place to go for adults and children alike!


Hectic Week

Its been quite a hectic week really-I wasn't too well Tuesday, but on Wednesday we bit the bullet and decided to finally tackle redecorating our bedroom. My dear hubby completely redecorated on Wednesday and then did the flooring yesterday, so we were back in for last night-yaay!!
I'm so pleased and its a job we've been putting off but now its done, I love it-the walls are in 'soft truffle' a mix between a soft grey beige lilac-very nice and subtle. With new flooring and bedding it just feels so sumptious and fresh now!!

So today I've spent just pottering around and tidying up, washing, etc. So no major outfits. My mum in law got me a pair of Converse all stars on Tuesday, so I thought I'd try them with my jeans rolled up! Tomorrow, Robert and myself are off to Legoland, so no post until Sunday!!
Have a lovely weekend, everyone!!


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