Savvy inspired outfit!!

First thing in the morning, I have my cup of tea, tidy the bedrooms and come and do some blogging. I love this time of day, it gives me a chance to get up to date with everyone plus I get some great inspiration too.
Well, thanks to Savvy Gal's latest post, I thought I would give my maxi skirt a different look and try it as a dress, belted up.

I thrifted a lovely vintage cardi on Tuesday-I think it is ideal with my dress/skirt!!

Thanks for inspiring todays outfit, Savvy Gal!!!


A day in Greenwich, London

Today, we all had a wonderful day out in Greenwich. This is such a beautiful place and if you visit London, should be a must, as not only is it steeped in history, it also has a gorgeous park and markets (Friday-Sundays generally) and if you are in Central London, it's easy to take a river cruise down to visit Greenwich and its wonderful Naval history.

Of course, I'm still on a floral-fest, so it had to be the Ossie Clark for todays outing!!

This is in front of the Old Royal Naval College-just before this we had a lovely picnic lunch, courtesy of Marks and Spencers yummy sandwiches and desserts!! Sadly, the Cutty Sark is being restored, so no photos of this, but me, Christopher and Robert didn't need asking twice to go on the Greenwich Wheel, a similiar version to the London Eye! I think this one is better-less queues-well no queues for us today, the wheel goes faster and you are in more of a private pod, plus it goes around a total of 4 times-we loved it-here are the gorgeous views!!

Views towards the City of London

The Royal Naval College

My gorgeous two young men!!

Greenwich Pier

Once we departed from the Greenwich Wheel, we headed for the park and up the hill to the Royal Observatory, which is home of Greenwich Mean Time and the famous Prime Meridian of the World. It is also a museum of time and astronomy and the Planetarium is here too, though we didn't get to go in.

The view from the Royal Observatory

Taking a pitstop at the top of the hill-the gang!!

Gorgeous views of Canary Wharf and the River Thames!!

The Prime Meridian of the World

After our visit here, there is a lovely little coffee shop at the entrance to the park, where we had coffee and cola floats!! A lovely end to our visit to Greenwich!!


My phase of summer florals is still here!

My newest thrift find-another floral for the collection!
Well, I think you all know by now that I'm mad on summer florals and as I really love Carries black floral vintage dress, when I went thrifting I was hoping to find something fairly similiar. Well imagine my delight yesterday when I came across this See by Chloe black floral dress in the Haven House charity shop. It was on sale-reduced from £3.50 to £2.75!!

I also got a cream leather studded belt, which looks really nice with the dress I had on yesterday and a white leather vintage clutch bag!!


Channeling vintage florals

This weekends Carrie posts plus todays scorching weather has totally inspired me to wear my favourite vintage floral sundress-I need to wear a favourite something, as I'm off to the dentist in a little while-haha!!!

This dress is an original Marks and Spencer 80s cotton sundress thrifted from the charity shop, and is inspired on a 50s prom look. I've had it a few years now-it always makes an appearance at some point in the summer sun!!


Ms Bradshaw-More florals if you please.........

Its been a hot, lazy day and I'm lacking inspiration and energy after eating a lovely barbeque, reading and having a headache because of the horrid humidity-poor moi!!
As I'm still enamoured by Ms Bradshaw, here are some more florals I've found that are right up my fashion street............................

Black floral vintage dress

More florals from the movie

Is this floral by Westwood-sure looks like it!!

Another fine vintage!!

From SJPs Bitten range


Summer inspiration from Ms Bradshaw

Carrie-ing on with the vintage theme which I'm so into at the moment, I thought I'd share some of Carries outfits from across the seasons of Sex and the City. I think they are great summer inspiration pieces, if you haven't already sourced that perfect summer look ;-))

Vintage summer dress

Carries 7$ vintage dress

Vintage opera coat, from Sarah Jessica Parker's own wardrobe

White Dior dress

Red vintage maxi slip, worn as a disco diva dress


Ossie Clark-Now and Then

A few nights ago, I was watching Steve McQueens biography (updated to add:the programme name was Steve McQueen:The Essence of Cool, ITV4) on TV and Ali McGraw was featured in part of the show. She gave me inspiration to do an Ossie Clark post, but I wasn't sure how to incorporate it. Wonderful Silje had exactly the same idea to feature Ali, unbeknown to me-our 6th sense at work again and she has already done a stunning 70s post, currently on show-do check it out for gorgeous pictures of her and 70s icons, showing how fabulous 70s vintage fashion is!

Anyway, I wanted to show how legendary Ossie Clarks collections were and still are-what better way than to show you past and present famous fashionistas wearing his clothes-enjoy!!!

Ali McGraw in both pictures above


Cathy McGowan

Liza Minnelli

Geri Halliwell

Sienna Miller

Rachel Weiss

Keira Knightley

Jessica Simpson


My favourite Autumn Topshop picks

Here are some pieces which can be key inspiration items for your Autumn wardrobe, all available now at Topshop.com

grey cardigan, £32

leopard bangle, £25

navy silk playsuit, £65

fringed peep toes, £65
tartan skirt, £35

harlequin sequin clutch, £25

navy high waisted jeans, £40


Scarf and Belts-vintage and new

This is my Cacharel scarf that I bought yesterday-it is so pretty, with pictures of birds all over it-very summery!!

This is how I wore it today

I also love belts.
This is the vintage gold chain one that I bought at Saturdays boot sale for £3

This red cinch belt was only £2 from Primark, when I went shopping on Monday.
This black leather one was £3.50, which has gold horsebit details along it-this was the belt I bought yesterday!


Photos of our day in London

We all went to St Katherines Dock a little while ago and Chris and I decided to go back today, as I didn't really want to go shopping in London. We thought we would go for an early lunch, beverages and a stroll-we had a gorgeous time!!

Todays outfit-Gianni Versace dress,
from Mrs Stings designer sale, £10 and black sandals, Primark £15

We arrived at St Katherines Dock and bought some sandwiches, cake and drink to eat on a lovely green overlooking the Thames-this was our view as we were eating!!!

After eating, we took a stroll around St Katherines Dock and stopped to admire the stunning yachts and power boats in the Marina!!

A pitstop at Cafe Rouge for a pot of earl grey tea for me and Chris-it was like a sun trap here and the boats here were spectacular-one was for sale for only £1.25 million-Chris wondered if they would take a cheque-haha!!!

Onwards to the Tower of London-hello Chris!!

Oh dear, the tides out-I wouldn't like to fall down there-haha!!!

The Tower of London!
The Queen's Stairs-where Royalty used these steps to go into the Tower!!

We had a lovely time here- I would recommend any one who comes to London to visit the Tower-although we didn't go in, there is plenty of information to read as you walk around!! We came back to Essex and I decided to go thrift shopping-I picked up a lovely black leather horsebit trim belt, a Cacharel scarf, a lovely fitted, soft brown leather jacket and inspired by lovely Silje, a wine coloured lambswool long line cardigan for Autumn!!


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