Lovely Cate@ RetroLifestyle and Emma@ AllInYourInnerSpace have tagged me!!
I put my thinking cap on and voila:
1.What I was doing 10 years ago............I was working full time and was pregnant with my youngest son Robert.
2.To Do List........ Check Emails, Wash up, Sort out some clothes for the charity shop, RELAX
3.Snacks I enjoy...............Dime Bars, pistachio nuts, cashew nuts, crisps, crackers and cheese
4.If I was a billionaire...................... I would travel the world, help my country and other countries in some practical and resourceful way, clear debts of friends and family.
5.People I would like to know more about.......................The real deal between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrell-after seeing the gals chemistry in the film, I can't believe they don't all get on!
I'm not tagging, as virtually all my fellow bloggers have been tagged already!!


WendyB said...

You know, once you start paying off everyone's debts, they never stop asking you for money. That applies to family and other countries :-)

Sharon S said...

Hi Wendy-is it fortunate or unfortunate that I can't afford to do this at the moment!! Mind you, I do donate to charities regularly every month.

Siljesfashion said...

Hi Sharon, I cant believe they hate each other either! Hope all is well? Love cheese as well, haha!

Sharon S said...

Hi Silje-yes, I hope it is just media hype!

Alice @Ogni cosa bella è viola said...

By my side:

1.What I was doing 10 years ago... I was an high school student.

2.To Do List... Housekeeping, brushing my hairs and looking for something to dress tomorrow.

3.Snacks i enjoy... rice crackers, japanese senbei, sesame bars and pistacchi ( i write it in italian!).

4.If I was a billionaire... Help my family and doing something good for poor children. Buy lots of great dresses!

5.People I would like to know more about... Mme Chanel and other fashion creators.

A kiss!

Unknown said...

Mmmmmm, pistachios and cheese....mmmm

Hey, no one ever tags me in anything! Perhaps it's because I smell of pistachios and cheese ;)

AsianCajuns said...

Did you enjoy the S&TC movie? I felt the same way about SJP and Kim - they had perfect friend chemistry!

Mónica said...

I think the same about SATC. I admire people who have kids and still is able to take care about fashion, which becomes such a secondary thing for the vast majority when rising a child.

FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

That's admirable to want to clear everyone else's debts but I'd only do it if they didn't get back into debt again after I cleared it :P

I'd want them to learn a lesson

Sharon S said...

Hi alice...thanks for sharing that too! I heard there is a new film due out with Audrey Tatou playing mme chanel?

Hi Ms peelpants-Please by all means consider yourself tagged!

Hi asiancajuns-I adored the film, thats why I'm a bit sad to hear of this apparent'feud'?

Hi atelier-yes, I would like to know the real goings on with sjp and Kim. Thanks for your other comment too-I'm lucky that both boys are old enough now to have their own interests, so I can pursue mine too!!

Hi fabulously broke-a very good point and I know what you mean-You think you are helping someone, but often this sort of generosity can backfire too.

Anonymous said...

Hmm what are dime bars? Might need to do some research!

Sharon S said...

Hi cupcakes and cashmere! Dime bars are little bars covered in milk chocolate and the middle is a hard crackle of toffee,nutty flavour-and they are delicious and get stuck in your teeth-hope you can try them one day!


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