Sundays boot sale was really no good-sometimes the bargains are there for the taking but the only thing I picked up-admittedly it was an ultra cheap buy, was this See by Chloe top for 20p!

In the afternoon, we went to St Katherines Docks in the east end of London, where all the rich people park their yachts off the River Thames! Its really lovely here-an ideal place for a picnic, or relaxing drinks or to have some dinner!

We are all going back soon, to make a full day of it, as it is an ideal base to explore the rest of London-the Tower, London Bridge, the South Bank!


Boot Sale-Safari Dress with scarf, plus more bags!!

Silje did a safari dress post a while ago and because the weather was nice today, I thought I would wear mine and also add in a scarf, as promised, in my earlier scarf post!!
Funnily enough, when checking Silje's post today, she had the exact same idea to wear her lovely Carrie inspired safari dress too!! I think its the Gemini connection with us-its not the first time we've had these similiar thoughts!!
The dress was purchased a few years ago from a charity shop and is by Warehouse. I wear it year in, year out and as its gets really hot at the boot sale, I thought I would wear my silk Jaeger scarf too-my new Primark jellies complete the ensemble with my Topshop fringed bag!!

I fell in love with this bag today, as the embroidery on it is soo lovely and the fishes are really cute-haha!! Chris treated me, so that was ok!!

Another chain bag, but a 'Tula' leather one, for only £1!!


Leggings-You either love 'em or hate 'em!!

Some famous ladies who do love leggings, include Rhianna, Scarlett, Mischa and Jessica.

As you can see, Lindsay, loves them and is apparently quoted as saying they form part of her favourite outfit!!

I love leggings- an easy look with a denim skirt a la Scarlett.........

or with a blazer and checked shirt for a casual, relaxing look!!

I know many of you love them and many of you hate them-I'd love to hear all opinions-haha!! Have a wonderful weekend, ladies!!


Sex and the City-90s fashion-wearable now?

I've noticed some fellow bloggers have been inspired by 90s fashion recently-this got me to thinking, well this was only 10 years ago in SATC terms and I was intrigued to see what the girls were wearing back then. Knowing particularly how stylish Carrie was and still is, I've shown some pictures of the girls and I personally feel that some, if not all of her outfits could be worn now, 10 years later-or at least give some style inspiration for now!! What do you think?
So 90's-so now? I love leggings anyway!

I love this fuschia dress!!

Cute capri pants!!

I love this floral dress-particularly the length-just different from wearing above the knee which seems to be so in for the past few years

I love this outfit-this looks timeless to me-a classic chic look for any era!

Another outfit that I feel is timeless too!


Red Shoes, Black Shoes

For autumn, I'm really coveting some black patent or red patent or just black or red leather shoes. Here are some styles I like from Topshop's website-I really would like either a t-bar or mary jane style or a twist on the classic court :-)

Sitara Shoe, £75
Party Premium Cone Heel Shoe, £75

Hopefully a vintage pair in my size will miraculously appear on my forthcoming thrifting trips to the boot sale this summer-these styles are definitely inspirational for what I'm after!!

Stella Shoe, £55
Shuffle Tassel Bar T Shoe, £60


My Scarf Collection!!

Gorgeous bloggers Ida and Karima always accessorize their outfits so beautifully, especially with scarves and this inspired me to show you my scarf collection so far. I don't wear them as often as I want to and hopefully by getting them out and having them on show, will inspire me to incorporate them into my outfit selection more often.

Well, I got off to a good start on Saturday, as I wore my Missoni scarf to Bruges!!

Here are my selection of scarves, from left to right from the back:green and orange silk floral square by Jaeger, green and pale blue silk long scarf by Orla Kiely, pink and leopard print silk long scarf by Marks & Spencer, orange and purple wool scarf by Missoni, navy and cream print silk scarf by Hermes, grey multi colour geometric silk square by Libertys, cream and pale blue silk Italy scarf, wine floral triangular scarf by Mary Quant and black star print long scarf by Primark. Also at the back, my Moschino perfume box turned into scarf box!!

On my future thrifting trips , I will look out for more scarfs as they are generally very cheap to buy and there is a variety of different styles, colours and patterns just waiting to be found!!

Thanks for your inspiration Ida and Karima!!

Net-a-Porter sale! Designer bargains under £100!

I checked out Net-a-Porter last night and they have some very good discounts indeed!! These picks, plus many more and over 50% off-this is the place to grab a designer bargain and I think these picks can be timeless classics too-not one season wonders!! Click on my title to see their brilliant website!!

Marc Jacobs, £92
Marc by Marc Jacobs , £62
Sonia Rykiel, £70
See By Chloe, £68
McQ (Alexander McQueen diffusion) £82

Vera Wang, £82


Beautiful Summer bags!!

Here are some gorgeous beach bags which were among 12 of the best picks from Harpers Bazaar-I particularly love the Longchamp one-something different and the Topshop one (not online, must be just in stores), it's very Prada like!! I've re-named the title, as I most probably wouldn't let any of these bags on the sand-I dread to think of the mess around these gorgeous beauties-haha!

Topshop, £45
Accessorize £25
Longchamp, £120
Pucci, £775


Beautiful Bruges!!

The town of Bruges-I've taken a few photos for you to see!!

Hi to everyone and thanks so much for all the lovely comments you've been leaving me!! Well Bruges, to sum it up is absolutely beautiful! We were there one day and the travelling was rather a killer (a total of more than 10 hours on the coach!) but Bruges was well and truly worth it!! We had about 4-5 hours there and we had a lovely lunch first, then started our sightseeing. As you can tell from the photos, Bruges is stunning and we managed to see quite a bit! I went all that way, only to find a Sue Ryder charity shop, which is 5 minutes up the road from where I live too-haha! Well, I had to look inside, of course! I tried on an YSL jacket but it was too small-never mind!! We also found a lovely little antique boutique shop, where Christoper bought some pins for 1 euros each-he bought 6 for him and 1 for me!! My one is the Lido in Paris, I will show it to you soon!

Of course, I brought home some belgium chocolates for us, Chris's mum and my mum and at the eurotunnel shopping terminal I just had to buy the new Christian Dior 'Escale a Portofino' Perfume-it's absolutely gorgeous-very fresh, lemony and summery!! I would recommend anyone to see this lovely town-it is soo pretty and quaint, with its cobbled streets, winding canals, old architecture and horse drawn carriages trotting around, competing for space with walkers and people on their bikes!! We came home tired and happy and I'm pleased that we had a wonderful time in this gorgeous place!!


Hello Bruges!!

I am going to Bruges with Christopher for the day tomorrow!! An early night, as I have to wake up at 5am!! I will be there for a day and come home late Saturday night-I hope the weather is not too bad! The forecast predicts cloud and rain and sun?

Have a lovely weekend everyone-I eagerly await my blogging on Sunday-ha ha!!

Seven Songs For Spring-Tagged!!

The lovely Kate at make do and mend has tagged me for seven songs for spring!!

I've decided to pick a few tracks from my newest purchase, the Sex and the City Soundtrack and as I am loving the 80s and 90s era, some songs from then as well!!


1.Labels or Love -Fergie

2.All Dressed in Love-Jennifer Hudson I absolutely adore this song!!

3.The Heart of the Matter-India Arie

4.Walk This Way-Run D.M.C.

From the 80s and 90s

5.Stop To Love-Luther Vandross

6.Summertime-DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

7.Planet Earth-Duran Duran

I tag-Wendy@http://wbjewelry.blogspot.com/,
Ida@mailto:Ida@http://rougemarie.blogspot.com/, Danz@mailto:Danz@http://fatalfashionattraction.blogspot.com/,
and Yiqin@http://qinatthedisco.blogspot.com/

Please can you post your 7 songs for spring and then tag 7 other girls-hope you don't mind participating-thanks so much!!!


My Pick of top jackets-Topshop

I thought I'd check out what jackets Topshop have to offer and these are what my favourites are-all available to purchase at the moment-click on my title to get to Topshop's website

Leather biker jacket, £120
80s style jacket, £65
Balenciaga style floral jacket, £45
Faded denim jacket, £45
Tartan Viv Westwood style jacket, £55
I adore the last one-it gives me inspiration to go and get something similiar when I go thrifting, especially as I don't have anything red or tartan in my wardrobe!!


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