Jewellery to wear

In one of her previous posts, Siljes suggested jewellery to hand as a key part of your summer wardrobe. Up to that point of time, all my jewellery was kept in its box in the back of my wardrobe, thus making it inaccessible and I did not wear it!
Siljes pointed out the obvious-keep it on view, then I would wear it! Doh! It's not rocket science, but I still needed it to be pointed out to me!!

Above are some of my favourite pieces of real and costume jewellery:
Clockwise, Silver plated butterfly necklace, Gucci Tag on a gold chain, Lily Allen for New Look wishbone necklace, Mosaic Cross pendant on a gold chain from the Cistene Chapel shop in Rome, diamante CC necklace, cameo earrings, silver heart and rose necklace, S brooch, skull bracelet, silver charm bracelet (I've had this since I was little!) and my rose ring.

Here are todays additions-a white, turquoise and silver bead necklace and a double heart diamante brooch, both from the Red Cross Charity shop £1.99 each.


Angie hearts said...

Thanks so much!

I love those necklaces, I'm pretty much a jewelry girl myself too!

Angie hearts said...

oh! and I just saw you added me!!
Thanks sooo much! ^-^ !!

you're already up on my site too!!

Sharon S said...

Hi angie hearts-yes, now mine is easy to get to, I'm making an effort to wear it more!!

Pleased to trade links too!

Siljesfashion said...

Lovely jewelry Sharon, that you have to use!! Really like the wishbone, do you know it they still carry that?

Sharon S said...

Hi Siljes-I got this Lily Allen for New Look piece last summer now, but do try Ebay as a possible source!

Unknown said...

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