Coveting all things floral!!

After seeing Silje's post yesterday on the floral dress on EBay, I have been seriously coveting florals. I was shopping in my local mall this afternoon and saw a lovely ditsy floral chiffon tiered skirt in Marks and Spencer. Then I came home and started searching EBay. Then I went on M&S's website, saw the skirt again and still wasn't sure.
So, I thought I would browse my photos and set myself a challenge. Instead of having a wishlist, I thought I would go through my wardrobe and find 12 (!) floral items already there-I think I have as well!
Here goes...................!
Celia Birtwell Ditsy Daisy Dress and Flowers for Puccini Dress

Kate Moss for Topshop Floral Playsuit

Ossie Clark for Radley Floral Double Tiered Dress (My new one!)

Radley Floral Blouse

Celia Birtwell Mystic Daisy Pussy Bow Blouse

Phew....six down , six to go. These are, a Topshop brown silk floral tea dress; Topshop black and green floral keyhole cap sleeve blouse; Vintage Dorothy Perkins floral playsuit; Floral blouse with matching harem style cropped trousers (looks like an all in one when worn together); Marks and Spencer floral vintage strappy sundress; Marion Donaldson 90s blue and white floral summer dress!

Wow-it just goes to show what you have when you check-I think there even may be 1 or 2 more that could be added as well. I will certainly post photos of these last 6 items when the sun's out and I can start wearing them!!


WendyB said...

You're so cute in all your photos!

Sharon S said...

Thanks Wendy!!

Siljesfashion said...

Very nice pictures, you look so sweet! I know its ridicolous what we have stashed in our wardrobe. Thats why I always do a count up before every season before I buy something new. Love the pussy bow blouse and the Ossie Clark for Radley. Those are my favorites on you!Have a great weekend! And once again thank you for the London vintage shopping advice.

Sharon S said...

Thanks Siljes!! I think yesterdays little challenge also showed up what I don't have in my wardrobe-skirts. I think I will hunt some vintage summer skirts now at the boot sales and charity shops.

Wendy said...

I can't seem to get enough of florals but I stick to thrift shops because dresses and skirts are much cheaper.

Sharon S said...

Hi Wendy, thanks for stopping by my blog!! Yes, I totally agree, some of my florals were also via the charity shops and boot sales too!


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