My Homage to the 80's- My Favourite Film, The Business

As a lot of you are paying homage to the 80s I thought I would join in and show you a clip from my one of my favourite films, The Business. It stars Georgina Chapman, who is now the other half of Marchesa-the designer duo currently dressing most of Hollywood in couture dresses.

Georgina Chapman with her husband, Harvey Weinstein

Dita and J-Lo in Marchesa gowns

The Business is based on sunshine and gangster dealings in Spain in the 80's and features some excellent music from this decade, too

The Business-Press Play Please!


Sex and the City Movie-Love, Love Love it!!!

I went and saw it this afternoon and I defy any true SATC fan to say they don't absolutely love it!! To say I loved it is an understatement! I'm not going to divulge any details, as I know some of you gals have yet to see it, but 2 things-it will not disappoint if you're a true fan and secondly, please take some tissues with you!!!!

A fabulous, fabulous film!!!!


Floral Top and Cut offs

Had a casual outlook regarding my outfit today-I wanted to pretty up my cut offs so I thought I would wear my favourite floral top with them. I love it because I can wear it partially open over vest tops or for a more risque look wear it buttoned up at the neck and then it has a keyhole opening at the front.

7 for all mankind jeans (cut off by me!), £3 Charity Shop; Floral Top by Topshop, £3 Charity Shop; Black Stretch Vest, £6 Marks & Spencer

She's Bad!!!

As I went to see Indiana Jones-a typical 'guys blockbuster', the only photo I'm showing of the film is of Cate Blanchett, playing a baddie and looking very 'haute' (couture) in this seasons trend of a jumpsuit-he he!!

I wonder why she chose Edna Mode as a style icon for her hairstyle?
"Isn't it obvious dahlings?"
Anyway the film is an absolute blast and I highly recommend any of you with husbands, boyfriends, brothers or sons to take them! I really enjoyed it-it was action packed and had excellent special effects-plus for all younger ladies out there, a bit of totty in the form of Shia LaBeouf-he has certainly blossomed into a fine looking young man, certainly from that geeky boy in Even Stevens (a programme which me and the boys still enjoy watching!).
When the film finished I could of just snuck out of one door into the next, where Sex and the City was showing-but I had my Robert with me-so off I trot tomorrow or Saturday again-
I really cannot wait to see this!!



I have been tagged today by Mo at Commeunrenard and Karima at VintageVienna, so here goes!!

5 things in my Gucci bag today-

Fendi purse, nail file, mobile phone, glasses cloth and keys.

5 things in my purse are- Bank card, savings card, Tesco clubcard, gold £1 coins and silver coins-ha ha!!

5 favourite things in my room- My bed, my wardrobe full of clothes, my husband at night, my perfumes and my books.

5 things I want to do are- see Sex and the City by Monday, take my boys to see Indiana Jones by Monday, save instead of spend (for a little while at least!), enjoy some summer sun when it decides to come back again, be with my mum on Friday to celebrate her birthday

5 things I'm into are-Sourcing quality vintage fashion, renovating my blog, making and eating curries, Macdonalds crunchy deluxe macflurries and popping a multivitamin everyday.

5 impressions of lovely Mo:

She's a self confirmed Wittner-aholic, she's got extremely long legs-lucky gal, she looks so cool in hats, she's a deep thinker and she loves vintage.

5 impressions of lovely Karima:

She's a fellow thrifter-yay!!, she found a Missoni scarf whilst thrifting-SNAP, she loves fruit,
she loves interiors and she loves scarfs!!
Thanks gals-you are both now enrolled on my blogroll!!!


Doing SJP the vintage way!

I was at my mums today having dinner and she said to me "You know Sarah Jessica Parker-I saw her wearing a dress on TV and I've got one nearly the same as that!!" I immediately demanded to see the said dress and out of the suitcase it came, with two others. My mum comes from Cape Town in South Africa and emigrated to England in 1961. In the late fifties her sister worked in a clothes factory and could have first pick of outfits so she was always coming home with things for her and my mum. Well, these are two of the dresses. As you can see, although mine is sleeveless, the style is near on identical-plus it fitted me!! Oh joy!!

Sarah Jessica Parker in her red floral number

Me in my mum's original 50's version-now mine-ha ha!!

A black wool jersey original 50's fitted dress-it fits like a glove-yippeee!!

Another dress needs a new zip and is a green floral sleeveless number with matching coat! I really had a result today, so I told my mum she doesn't need to buy me anything for my birthday now ha ha!!


Feet First!!

Today I went shopping for some sandals. I wore my new Adidas Superstars, as it was pouring with rain and I didn't want to ruin my other shoes or sandals or wear boots (reminds of winter!)

Adidas Superstar Trainers, J D Sports £55
I got these first-black leather sandals from Primark £15

And then these, from Matalan-Dark brown leather sandals, £18

I think these will both be ideal with summer and vintage dresses

My Favourite High Street Shops

Obviously I love thrifting the boot sales and charity shops, but I also like the high street too. My favourite high street shops are Zara, Mango, Topshop and River Island. Whilst browsing the internet, I was pleased to see that Mango have an online shop!! They deliver to a lot of places worldwide-definitely Europe (check their website for more details). Here are a pick of my favourite dresses. Also they have an outlet online, which offers items from previous seasons-the last dress is from the outlet and is reduced to only 15.95 euros-I'm seriously tempted-it's soo cute, isn't it!!


Yesterdays finds-some more bags-Quelle Surprise!!

Uh-oh! Yes, I'm like a magnet where bags are concerned-the numbers have gone up on last weeks post now-ha ha!! I couldn't resist and in my defence, I don't have any already in these sort of styles-so that's ok isn't it? These are all from the Chigwell boot sale, yesterday :-)

Black leather Cosci Italian mini flap quilted bag with chain strap, £1

Vintage Burberry tan leather saddle bag, 50p

Vintage Louis Feraud black leather quilted bag with chain strap, 50p

UPDATED TO ADD-Pamcasso queried the number of bags I had now-these 3 now add the total to 22!! ha ha!!


My son, Chris-the stylist!! Ha Ha!!

Todays outfit for thrifting at the boot sale :-)

Levi's waistcoat, £1-Noak Hill Boot Sale, Striped jumper-Georges Rech, £2.50 Charity Shop, Diesel Bleached Denim Skirt, £2.90-Sense Charity Shop, Leggings, £7-Uniqlo, Celia Birtwell Tote-Elle magazine freebie

Today I was the taxi service to my older son Chris and his friend, for the boot sale in Chigwell Essex-not that I needed prompting to go anyway!!!

Well, once we got there, they went their way and I went mine. After an hour or so, Chris found me and said "Mum, I've found a Celia Birtwell dress-well, I think it is, come and see". Well, I was intrigued and thought bless him, he's found a floral dress but odds on it wouldn't be Celia Birtwell. I was so wrong-ha ha!! He got there first and held it up to show me!!

The one in the middle is the one he found-aahhh!! it was only £2, in my size as well, so the boy did good!! I've trained him well-ha ha!! He is under instruction to find an Ossie Clark now-well, you never know!! I found on my own today a Louis Feraud Black leather bag for 50p, a Levi's California t shirt for 50p, a black mini quilted a la chanel style bag for £1, 2 pairs of brand new Topshop earrings for £1 each and an authentic Burberry tan saddle bag for 50p!! Bargains galore, I will post piccys later!
Have a lovely weekend everyone-next week is school holidays so in between seeing my mum as it's her birthday, I will be going to see the Sex and the City movie-can't wait- and the boys want to see the new Indiana Jones film!


Playing dress up.....Tea, Ladies??

Because I was a bit bored earlier, I thought I would play dress up with my tea dresses :-)

Marc Jacobs Red and White Silk Tea Dress, £5 Help The Aged Charity Shop

Topshop Brown Floral Silk Tea Dress, £2 Collier Row Boot Sale

A pose for Pamcasso's project

The fabulous Pamcasso at squareoldsoul.blogspot.com is doing an exciting project of a white t + jeans. Please check out her excellent post for further information-click on my title for a link directly to her blog.
I jumped at the chance to participate-here are my contributions :

Top: Roberts vest(!) Jeans: Levi's Sandals:Peacocks Belt: Leopardskin from Topshop


Favourite Things!

After yesterdays post, I have decided that quite rightly, I shouldn't have any regrets where clothes are concerned-lifes's too short!! I am very fortunate to have a lovely wardrobe anyway and I thought I would post my current favourite things !!

My darling younger son, Robert-he is nine and rocking in his batman pyjamas-ha ha!!

My oldest son Christopher-he is 14 and already taller than me! (I'm 5'7"!)

My favourite plain colour dress of the moment-my weekend bargain! Plus my favourite bag and sandals of the moment!!

My favourite floral of the moment-my Vintage 70's Ossie Clark double tiered chiffon dress

My favourite patterned dress of the moment-Celia Birtwell for Topshop

What are your favourite things of the moment? A dress, handbag, shoes, family member, anything!!


Regrets-yes a few!!

You may or may not be aware that I adore Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell. I have three pieces by Ossie and about eight of Celias. For those of you who don't know Celia, she was married to Ossie Clark in the 1970s and has produced three collections for Topshop.
Cash restraints mean I cannot collect a lot of Ossie Clark, but I do try and get Celia's pieces wherever possible. This brings me to my sorry tale of finding an immaculate Ossie Clark in my local charity shop, about four years ago. It was a maxi dress in the exact print and chiffon material as below, without the halter neck and mine had short sleeves. Well, to cut a long story short, I sold this dress (Resurrection in Los Angeles bought it from me) for a very good price so I could pay off some debt. I also sold my Chanel bag, too as I thought I wouldn't use it as it was too big.

On sale at C20Vintagefashion.co.uk, for £595
Well, to say I regret these two sales is an understatement! I would love these 2 items back in my wardrobe, but to quote a couple of phrases-"tough luck!" and "c'est la vie!" spring to mind!
I suppose it was the thing to do at the time.
But fellow fashion lovers, my story is a cautionary tale to any of you who may be tempted to sell those cherished treasures you have in your wardrobe-Please, please think twice!!
Maybe finances will have to dictate otherwise, but if at all possible, try and think of an alternative, or you may well regret it in time to come!!


Other Bargains To Inspire!!

I thought I would show you some more bargains I've picked up over time. I really do like to sing the praises of thrifting at boot sales, flea markets and charity shops- you never know what you will find and someone else's trash can be your treasure. These are some of my favourite buys :-)

Mulberry weekender clipper bag £1, Willow Farm Boot Sale

Missoni Foulard (Scarf) £2, All Aboard Charity Shop

Turquoise Eelskin Leather Saddle Bag £1.50, Dunton Boot Sale

Fendi Wallet/Purse £2, Wanstead Rugby Club Boot Sale

My cheapest find of all -From Wanstead Rugby Club Boot Sale, a Gucci Accessory Collection Satin Purse for 20p !!! PLUS £100!!!

Yes-£100 found in a secret compartment!! Oh yes-I did not find this until about a week later, when I gave the purse a once over-I was totally gobsmacked when one of the compartments revealed a money bag which had 5 old £20 notes in it!!

The bank changed them for modern ones, but this has got to be the ultimate buy so far!


Did I really need another handbag? LOL!!

Hi Everyone!! I'm sure I'm not the only one who has said this at the high street store/designer store/flea market/boot sale/charity or thrift shop!!
At Noak Hill boot sale I bought three more bags!! Ummm........the only justification is the price, really :-)

Stam style black bag, £2

Vintage white leather shoulder bag 33p

Vintage Black leather chain shoulder bag, 33p
The last 2 were part of a 3 items for £1-the other item was a tan leather belt. Anyway, back to the bags. I seem to make beelines to bags-I can't help it! At least I do try and give some away that either other family members can have or ones I don't like go to the charity shop.
I added up all my bags last night-I have 19. Is this a lot? Or not! I really don't know! I have created a poll and if it's not too personal, would all you lovely ladies mind voting on it for me! Also, if you so wish, you can tell me on your comments the exact number you have, if it's not too personal to reveal, of course!! Thanking you all in advance ladies-
I'm sure all responses will be varied, hopefully!!


Three off the wishlist!!

This weekend, I 've had a lot of luck with my thrifting and managed to knock three items off my wishlist I posted last week. We've been to Noak Hill Boot sale this weekend and I came back with 3 bags, a belt, a little black dress and a Levis waistcoat. I also went shopping for 2 more bras, too and I dropped by H&M and picked up an orange top I wanted to go with my 70s maxi skirt :-)

Noak Hill Boot Sale, Essex

Sinequanone 80s style Black Dress (made in France!) £1,
Black Leather Chain Strap Bag 33p, both Boot Sale
Sandals-Giles Deacon for New Look-Ebay £17

Orange Top-H&M £3.99, Brown Belt-Next, Charity Shop £2,
70's C&A Maxi Skirt-Salvation Army, £2.49


Todays Shopping Outfit

Today has been wet, cold and windy-yep, a typical spring day in Essex!! I went thrifting today and wanted to be comfy and easy to do changes of outfits :-)

Hat-Uniqlo; Grey Blazer-Vintage £1; Leggings-Uniqlo; Brooch-Charity Shop £1.99

Checked Shirt-Topman, from Boot Sale £1.50


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