Wardrobe Wishlist

Well, it goes without saying that my wardrobe wishlist will always include Ossie Clark, Celia Birtwell, Lee Bender for Bus Stop, Jean Muir and Yves Saint Laurent, but on a day to day wearability basis, I need to look for basics that are there when you want them-but not necessarily a favourite, as such.
Well, the said wishlist had included a plain black leather jacket, so I was pleased when I found this last week in Sue Ryder for £5.75. It is by Mango, one of my favourite high street shops and will go with virtually anything. It is supersoft and very light-unlike my previous black leather jacket, which was an 80's vintage biker jacket. I loved it, and still love that look, but some vintage can be very heavy.
Another item which I need is a decent denim skirt. I bought one at the boot sale last week, which was a good fit and style, but the streaks and fading put on the denim made it look cheap and chavvy so it went to in the bag for the charity shop.
I organised my wardrobe this morning, so I can clearly see all day to day basics-jeans, t shirts and everyday tops and blouses. Apart from the denim skirt, my wardrobe is in quite good shape-I have a number of summer dresses and jackets already, so I'm prepared for the heatwave-whenever that may be!!
Mango Black Leather Jacket, worn with Jil Sander white blouse and Levi's


WendyB said...

Fabulous! Casual chic.

Sharon S said...

Thanks a lot Wendy-I do love dresses, but nothing beats casual for comfort!


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