Sunday Boot Sale and London Drive

It was Boot Sale Sunday and I think nearly all of Essex tried to get to Dunton, as the traffic was astronomical. Still we were fairly early, so got in ok. My bargains of the day were a vintage 1980s Dorothy Perkins floral playsuit and this beautiful eelskin turquoise leather saddle bag-the colour is so deep and gorgeous and the bag is so cute and dinky-I love it!

Chris had to drive to Thornton Heath, which is just past South London, so I went for the ride and took these photos out of the window. We drove over Tower Bridge and managed to get these shots. I absolutely adore going to London, whether its for a drive or exploring on foot. There is always something new to see or find and London just has a mystique all of its own.

The Tower of London

Tower Bridge

View of the River Thames from Tower Bridge


Siljesfashion said...

Love the handbag! So adorable and to funny we got both blue bags!!

Sharon S said...

Hi Wendy-thanks-the best I could get out of a moving car!!

Hi Siljesfashion-yes, I think we have similiar Gemini traits!!


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