Saturday-The Search for Baby Bum Butter

Oh yes- thanks to the Daily Mails article about this product, it has been flying out the door like nobody's business. It is for baby's bottoms but apparently does wonders for your face too. Chris's mum asked us to go to our nearest Waitrose to see if we could track some down, so we drove to South Woodford (East London)-but alas, it was temporarily sold out.

Yum-Yum, baby bottom butter, unavailable at Waitrose, £2.49

We consoled ourselves with a yum-yum each (a very long twisty sugar donut with caramel and pecans on top) and I got Chris to drive me to the high street there to check out the charity shops. I picked up a vintage mens grey blazer for a whopping £1, a lovely mexican style wool fitted waistcoat for £3 and Robert got a game for his playstation.

The boys and I then went on a lovely bike ride around the local park-twice (yes, I was saddle sore!) and then we came home. I retired to the back garden for some sunsoaking and relaxing with the papers-bliss!

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