Quirky-Or What?

There is a lot of 'tagging' going round the blogs about everyones 'quirks'. As I'm a newbie to blogging, I don't know enough people to tag who haven't been already. So, I thought I would post my totally trivial quirks:

1. I must have mild OCD, as I check locks (at work and home) at least 3 times before I walk away.

2. I have to finish a boot sale from 1st to last stall, as I'm frightened to death I'm going to miss an absolute steal of an item.

3. I am a neat freak regarding my clothes and wardrobe-no piles anywhere for me!

4. I love fruitellas (chewy fruit sweets) and as I'm not eating them during the day, I've started having 1-2 before I fall asleep at night.

5. I pretend to be half asleep first thing in the mornings, so Chris now brings me a cup of tea in bed every day-it's been so long now, 'my turn' has now disappeared!

6. I used to really love reading, but for some reason I cannot get back into it. I've a cupboard full of unread books, but I tell myself there's always something better to do than read.

It's funny what you know about yourself when you think hard enough about it!


Siljesfashion said...

haha, love your quirks. Its so funny, we sound so alike, must be the gemini traits!

Sharon S said...

Hi Siljes-I had to smile when you left the Chanel comment, as I used to own a Chanel Vintage too!
Too quirky for words!!!


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