Now the weather is getting warmer, I'm tending to wear lighter jackets and if needed, one of my pashminas when it gets breezier.
I find this is such a versatile garment-I love the different ways you can wear them, as Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba show below.
The most trendy styles at the moment are wound round the neck and left open; wound round the neck and tied up, or the newest trend is folded into a big triangle, worn to the front (middle eastern style) with the ends dangling to the front or back.

There are plenty of people doing them-from top end designers to the ethnic suppliers with their own market stalls or high street shops- a definite spring staple!!


WendyB said...

A shawl is definitely a good idea...I don't wear them often enough.

Sharon S said...

Yes-they are certainly handy, you can even use them as a light blanket or to sit on in the park, which I do in summer!

Siljesfashion said...

I love mine and have about 10-12 different ones. So funny we both postet this and the flea market and boot sale!!

Sharon S said...

Hi Siljes-I think we must be fashion kindred spirits-great minds obviously do think alike-
ha ha!!


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