Ossie Clark Offerings from around the Globe!!

On 7 April, this beautiful Ossie Clark dress was for sale on a buy it now for only 250$-which is about £125.00!! It was only up for 2 hours when it got snapped up!! What an unbelieveably brilliant bargain!!

The one that got away-NOW SOLD:-(

There are however some really lovely Ossie Clark items for sale on Ebay.com at the moment-take a peek:-)

Selling from USA-seller is Koko1954

Selling from Honolulu, seller is queensofhawaii

Selling from Australia, seller is luka999dog

Happy drooling everyone!!


WendyB said...

I have my eye on the Honolulu one even though most people would think it's a big don't!

jennifer said...

please tell me it was a teeny tiny size so i can feel better knowing i missed an ossie for $250... please?!? well, someone is very happy!

Sharon S said...

Hi Wendy-I think its absolutely gorgeous and if I could I would snap it up along with the one in the first picture!!

Sharon S said...

Hi Jennifer-Yay, I've just rechecked, it did seem a small size-certainly on top-bust 32 inches with narrow mutton sleeves. This would have ruled me out too!

WendyB said...

^^ when there are "narrow" sleeves they are REALLY narrow. I've encountered some I can't even get my arms into. People used to be tiny on top.


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