15 April 2008

My New Celia Birtwell Dress!

Well, I only won this dress and paid for it yesterday, so when the postman knocked and had the parcel, I was so excited! It was like opening a birthday present! I was ecstatic when I tried it on and found it fits like a glove! So, as the sun was out, so the camera came out as well!

My Celia Birtwell for Topshop Clown Frill Dress arrived today!
I thought I would take the chance to show you two other items in my collection:-)

Celia Birtwell for Topshop Mystic Daisy Pussy Bow Blouse, worn with Levi's skinny jeans

Celia Birtwell for Topshop Flowers for Puccini dress


emmapeelpants said...

The clown dress looks awesome on you, it did NOT suit me when I tried it on - which I find is the problem with the Celia Topshop stuff, it's so hit and miss. I have the mystic daisy blouse, hard won on the very first launch day, in the other colourway which I wore a few weeks ago but I tied the pussy bow under my arms and back round to the front - I needed some cleavage darnit!! ;)

Sharon Rose said...

Oh, thanks ever so much for your kind comments-I may well try your way next time of tying the pussy bow, as I'm short in the cleaveage department too!

Sally Jane said...

Such beautiful pieces!

Sharon Rose said...

Thanks Sally Jane-the collection is slowly growing!

WendyB said...

These all look great on you!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi Wendy! Thanks so much-I'm slowly enjoying being in front of the lens!!

jennifer said...

very cute!

thanks for stopping by my blog... to answer your question, i do have a few ossie and celia pieces.

i have two ossies-- one tomato red moss crepe maxi with a floppy collar and buttons that go all the way up the neck, and one black maxi with a deep plunging v-neck. both have great big balloon sleeves.

at this stage in my life i'm simply unable to afford a vintage ossie dress with a celia print-- but one day i'll get there!

i have lots of the celia topshop stuff... my faves are the lapis lazuli and mystic daisy dresses from the 1st collection, the ditsy dress you wore the other day, and the diagonally tiered flowers and feathers print dress from the last collection.

have you seen the pics of the celia birtwell for express collection that was just launched here in the states? oddly enough there's been hardly any publicity at all for this collaboration... just wondering if it's gotten any press in the uk.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi Jennifer-your comment re not affording an Ossie Clark dress with a Celia print (YET!) is so me, as well! I totally agree, I will get there one day, too! Its nice to hear from a Celia fan-I am always checking EBay to see if I can capture something of hers-I reckon some of her pieces are definite future vintage collectables. Let me know of any new additions to your wardrobe! There wasn't really any press on the Express collection, I sourced info from google and Express's own website. I did think the pieces were personally too girly for me, though.

FASHION hearts ME said...

The blouse looks beautiful!!
Unfortunately we don't have any Topshop here in germany :/

Sharon Rose said...

Thanks for your kind comment and stopping by my blog, Fashion hearts me! Celia's collections are limited, but all Topshops things can be bought via its website and delivered within Europe! Hopefully she is bringing out another collection this spring.


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