Declutter Morning

I decided this morning to go through all my clothes, bags and shoes to decide what could stay and what could go. It was certainly a revelation, as in the process of trying things on, I found out my boob size has definitely increased! This is good news for me, as I have for my teenage and adult life been virtually flat chested. I had sort of noticed in the last couple of months, but wearing winter clothes I could not be certain. Three of my summer dresses, were totally unwearable, including the floral maxi dress I posted a couple of days ago!
So the decluttering pile consists of three dresses, one skirt, five bags, two sandals, one jumper, one cardigan and one top. The one good thing about charity shopping and buying from boot sales is that a lot of these items were no where near the retail price, so I can afford to be fussy and choosy about what I keep or give away. My loss is going to be my local charity shops gain, thankfully. I wanted to cull my bags, so I'm unlikely to top these up-but I really want to find some special vintage items (particularly Ossie Clark, Jean Muir, Yves Saint Laurent or Lee Bender-if I'm lucky!).
I always feel better after a declutter, as I am trying to have the philosophy of 'only keep it if you love it!' So, practically all the items in my wardrobe are loved and wanted (until they don't fit anymore!) T-shirts and certain jeans will always be 'disposables', but I want to try and buy quality and keep it, long term.

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