Boot Sale Sunday

Today, just myself and Christopher headed for Dunton boot sale. First bargain of the day was the Cream colour Celia Birtwell bag, seen below middle for 50p. Then I found bargains for Christopher-a New York Knicks 1999 t-shirt for £1.50 and an Ecko t-shirt, also £1.50. No more for me was found, so we headed up to Stevensons Farm in Basildon.

Just need to get the blue one now!
At Stevensons, I found a Miss Selfridge sleeveless linen navy jacket for 50p and this Michelle Lowe Holder for Topshop (her collection of May 2006) was also 50p. Robert was treated to a whole tin of marbles for 10p.

Michelle Lowe Holder for Topshop-May 2006

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