Boot Sale Sunday-Snowy Tales!

Waking up at 6.30 this morning, with the skys clear and dry-yippee, we decide to go to Dunton Boot sale. As we leave at just gone 7 am the skies open with flutters of snow. Still, we press on and by the time we reach Dunton the snow is not letting up and we don't get out of the car, as people look like they are packing up.

I wanted to see how far Stevensons Farm boot sale was from Dunton, so Chris drives a few miles further and pulls in. I must be mad, but the boys decide to come and have a look around the remaining stalls still out. I pass one lady and we both just look at each other and laugh-'We must be mad!' I said, and we starting chatting about the falling snow and how we're obviously not the only ones who are desperate to be out this morning. Still, I bag a bargain-a 'Mango MNG Jeans' denim skirt for £1, ideal for summer-when that comes!!

After about fifteen minutes and numb fingers, we decide to call it a day and drive home-egg and bacon muffins and coffee are the order of the day and just the ticket after being out in our ever changing weather. Bearing in mind I was in shirt sleeves at work on Friday, with the sun beaming and feeling 'hot', seems like that weather won't be returning in a hurry-the snow has not stopped since this morning!

Oh well, blogging, eating, reading, surfing the 'net and watching TV is the order of the day-I'm hoping Thursday will be nice, as Stevensons Farm should be open, weather permitting.


Anonymous said...

Good words.

Sharon S said...

Hi Armelle-thanks so much for stopping by!!


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