Bag Lady

I know a lot of girls out there tend to be in two majority camps-Bag-a-holics or Shoe-a-holics. Mind you, I have a feeling that there is a majority camp of Bag AND Shoe-a -holics. Myself, I fall into the Bag category. I'm not sure if I can class myself as a bag collector as such, as I am quite picky and fussy over the bags I own. Once I am fed up with any, out they go-either for sale on EBay or to the charity shop. Once I know I love a bag, I have it for keeps.
Here are some of my very favourite ones:-)

Blue Gucci Bag, from Chigwell Boot Sale, £6

My all time favourite, Gucci Black Patent Vintage Clutch,

from Wanstead Rugby Club Boot Sale for £4

Anya Hindmarch Vintage silk ivory and gold spot Clutch, £3,

from my local Sue Ryder charity shop

My trusty go everywhere, Louis Vuitton Speedy

My Purple Leather Fendi Spy Bag

I have less than twenty, so I can't be a Bag-O-Holic as such, but I try only to keep the bags that I absolutely love, even if I haven't used them yet or use them regularly!

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