All Things 1980s

On Saturday, I picked up a brand new, vintage 1980s blouse from 'Chelsea Girl', which has since been rebranded to 'River Island'. I remember back in the eighties, Chelsea Girl, Topshop and Miss Selfridge were my all time favourite places to shop- Chelsea Girl was the nearest to my workplace back then, so I purchased a lot of my clothes from there, especially the items with lycra content-ie: leggings, cycling shorts, all in one catsuits, as were the trends back then!
I imagine if this top had of been worn by its original owner, it would have been paired with a pair of leggings, lurex legwarmers and white stilettos (typical Essex girl and eighties fashionista wear), but I intend to wear this top at some point with some skinny jeans and high wedge sandals.

Chelsea Girl Satin Dove Grey 1980s blouse
This led me to thinking about the eighties-an era I'm particularly nostalgic about, as that was when I left school, started work, partying and clubbing-oh, what happy, carefree days!!
Favourite things I can remember are:-)
Watching avidly Dallas and Dynasty, enjoying favourite music such as Blondie, Spandau Ballet, Luther Vandross and Alexander O'Neal. Purchasing my very first car, a bright orange battered up Ford Escort Mark 2, my pride and joy, getting my first perm (no I don't have any pictures!) and generally enjoying life to the full, with no responsibilities!


Anne-Louise said...

Hi Sharon Rose

Came across your Chelsea Girl post and wondered if you might be interested in a quick lookback at one of their carrier bags - recently uncovered and took me right back to the eighties, such a good time!


Sharon S said...

Hi there-thanks for visiting me-Chelsea Girl is certainly a blast from the past, isn't it! I don't have a brilliant memory, but for some reason I can remember the interior of my local one like I was in there yesterday!


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