Alice Pollock Blouse

I've been swooning over this blouse for a while now, its on http://www.vintage-a-peel.co.uk/separates/alicepollock.html.
This website is one of my favourites, as it has a lovely selection of Ossie Clark, Lee Bender at Bus Stop, Jean Muir and other British Boutique Movement labels.
Also, thanks to Miss Peelpants for mentioning my blog on your blog!
Beautiful Alice Pollock blouse with Celia Birtwell print, available now


WendyB said...

I am SERIOUSLY considering that blouse (and trying to talk myself out of it.)

Londyn said...

Very unique! I like it.

Sharon S said...

GO FOR IT Wendy-thats all I can say! I would, but I know it will look and feel that touch too small!

Hi Londyn-thanks for stopping by, I will check out your blog, too!


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