Recommended Reads

I love boot sales, buying and selling on EBay (evey now and then), so I can recommend Lorne Spicer (of Car Booty fame) for all boot sale buyers and sellers. For anyone interested in collecting in general, then are you rich? is ideal for all vintage lovers (not just clothes!)
Find A Fortune-Lorne Spicer
Are you rich?-Katherine Higgins

I love clothes shopping, but I also love collecting books about it as well. Here are some books I can recommend for anyone interested in vintage and designer clothes:

Its Vintage, Darling-Christa Weil

That Extra Half an Inch-Victoria Beckham

The Cheap Date Guide to Style-Kira Jolliffe, Bay Garnett


Marian said...

love those style books! particularly the cover of the first.

Sharon S said...

Hi marian-thanks a lot!!


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